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part of the Panga story

Posted by OKIgglets, 15 January 2010 · 471 views

For those of you who follow the blog but not the post (Nana :wave: ) here's a recent post I put up about Panga

I know that Panga had a rough start in a mill-like situation, but I wonder if their isn't something that I can do now to help her self-confidence. Here's a few stories to let you know her situation a bit better

1. Panga was born to a back yard breeder with two litters other than hers and she was the last to be adopted and was kept in a cage in a shed outside

2. When we picked her up we had Starbuck in the car. They didn't get to touch but she could see her. She had bad motion sickness, was covered in her breakfast, salivating, shaking, and obviously scared out of her mind. once home I washed her and then let her find a spot to lay... she instantly went to Starbuck and napped for about 15 minutes then she started playing so I let them out back, they had a blast and Panga couldn't get enough of the grass.

3. We started puppy training a few days later at Petco. She had the hardest time just learning sit, it took weeks, whereas Starbuck already knew about 8 commands. The trainer noticed that if Panga couldn't see Starbuck that she wouldn't even focus on the humans. She was very needy of her sister for oral support, and wouldn't even walk on the leash unless she could see her. So the trainer recommended that we try and take Panga places by herself to help her become more independent.

4. The girls have been separated twice and both times were very stressful for Panga. I thought that if we kept Panga somewhere she is comfortable and removed Starbuck that it would be easier, so I had Daniel take Starbuck for a 2 minute walk and he left Panga with me. I tried to distract her but all the would do was sit at the front door and cry pitifully!

5. Next I thought taking her to a different environment with non-hostile distractions could help so I took her to a friends house that has a three legged cat. At first she just wimpered and cried but eventually she couldn't ignore that cat and they played and eventually she got tired and curled up on a chair and went to bed. But on the ride home she started crying again.

6. I'm sure that most of you have seen how she behaves at the dog park on YouTube. If a dog comes towards her she throws herself down and tucks her tail, but if the dog moves away or starts running then her tail wags and she attempts to chase it, until it looks at her and then down on the floor she goes!

7. just a side note, Starbuck is the alpha dog, but Panga always wants to play, non stop and she'll throw Starbuck around by her sweater or ram into her if Starbuck is trying to run. She's a big bully when it comes to Starbuck

She has always acted this way at the park, and Starbuck is always there with her. Is this something to worry about? will she grow out of it? is there something that I can do to help?

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