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The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly of IG Forums, My own personal experience.

Posted by Linda, 21 July 2008 · 3,309 views

Part 1: In the beginning

It's July 15th 2005 and I'm lying in my bed inconsolable. Earlier that day I had to help my first IG, Star, cross over at the age of 15. No one really understood what I was going through. As I held her in my arms, those last few minutes, she gathered all her strength to raise her head and give me a kiss good bye, as I looked into her eyes. I wanted her to see me as she passed and know she wasn't alone.

My husband and my daughters all loved Star, and they all grieved, but not like I was. It was less than a day, and I already felt the loss of everything she brought into my life. How would I get through the days, weeks, and months that followed?

I always knew that when Star passed, I would not let too much time pass before I would get another IG. I am not one that says that because the loss of a pet is so painful, that I could never go through that type of grief again.

I had never done a search online on Italian Greyhounds, but that night I did one, just to see what came up. What came up were hundreds of websites. I spent all night just looking at pictures of IGs. In some small way, it was what I needed at that moment to fill the emptiness I felt with pictures of cute IG puppies and adult dogs.

As the weeks passed, and even after I had been in contact with the wonderful Breeder who would provide me with the 5 beautiful IGs that share my life now, my grief over the loss of Star was as bad as ever. Having her ashes as home with me helped, but no one understood what I was going through no one to really talk to. I would have to wait 6 months for the puppies that I hoped would be a part of my life again.

About 3 weeks after Star passed, it was suggested that I look into joining an IG Forum¯. I was told that there were people just like me, who could relate to what I was going through, and I could possibly even meet IG families who lived in my area for future IG play dates after I got my pups.

IG Play dates? I had never heard of play dates for dogs, ever. Star was really never around other dogs, wanting only to be with the family.

So, one night, after going to IGP, and looking over the Forum and looking at all the pictures, I decided to join in hopes of meeting people just like me and share my feelings about this wonderful breed. My life was about to change.

I had never joined any type of club¯ or Forum¯, no less, one on the world wide web. But, as I posted my introduction and what I had been through with the passing of Star, I was immediately welcomed with open arms by some of the most wonderful people I have ever met. I finally could speak to people who understood what I felt and that it was ok. They would be there for me whenever I needed support.

After a few weeks of posting, I soon became aware of the presence of the Moderators. I would get PM's about not posting in caps, not to mention of my Breeders name, etc. A lot of hand slaps, some editing, but nothing major. I was learning quickly how it all works. I was also aware that some Threads would start a heated¯ discussion that might go on and on. But, once again, the Moderators would step in to keep things civil. I would read these Threads, but, for the most part, stay out of it.

This Forum became my home as I waited for my puppies to be born. It was like a whole new world had opened up to me. I was meeting some wonderful men and women, learning more about the Breed, and getting my IG fix, from the dozens of pictures that were posted every day. IGP became my diversion from the times when missing Star made me sad.

Through IGP, I met a wonderful group of IG owners, over a dozen who lived in my general area. As I looked at people posting their play dates I though why not have one myself? I had a great back yard that was secure, and it seemed like people were looking for a nice place, besides a dog park, to get together. I could finally meet some of the wonderful people that I had gotten to know online..and best of all..get to once again hold and love on some IGs...how I missed that.

The response to my play date was fantastic. There were over 20 IGs that came to my house with their people. I got everyones phone number and email address for the future play dates that I planned on having. One couple, "J & S" and and their IG lived 5 minutes from my house! Little did I know that this wonderful couple and their IG would be the reason for my leaving IGP a year later.

The year that followed was amazing. "S" worked for TSA at the airport, and offered to personally escort my puppies from the tarmac to where I would be waiting for them in the terminal. "S"¯ took pictures of the jet as it landed as well as my two pups in their crates as they left the Jet. She was there with me as I took my babies, one by one, into my arms. Besides the birth of my kids, it was one of the most emotional nights I've ever had. My life was once again complete.

I now had my two beautiful girls, Karma and Lexi that I could now share with all my new IGP friends. J & S came over often with their little boy to play with Karma and Lexi. When my pups were finished with their puppy shots, about 5 months of age, I once again held another play date for all the local IG families from IGP, who anxiously waited to meet them and share in my happiness. After each play date, I would post my pictures for all to see. Everyone, from other parts of the country, always posted how large the south Florida IG community was, and how they wished they could attend my play dates too.

One day, J & S told me that they were both blocked from IGP. J had gotten into a heated discussion with a Moderator and his IP address was blocked. Because S was his fiance, her IP address was blocked as well, and for no other reason. I logged onto IGP only to find that every post that J & S had made over their years as members, ever picture of their little boy, had been removed. After being very active members of IGP, it was as if they never existed. It was at that point that I began to question the fairness of the decisions the Admin/Moderators were empowered with.

As the summer of 06 approached, J & S began to plan their boys 2nd birthday party. I offered to hold it at my house. What could be nicer than a summer birthday pool party for the cutest IG around? There were Hawaiian decorations, lunch, drinks, balloons, dog treats, etc. Everyone enjoyed the pool, including the IGs. In all, almost 40 IGs attended with their people.

One person who also attended was a special friend of mine. She is a professional photographer and was herself waiting for her IG puppy to arrive from my Breeder. This would be a perfect opportunity for her to meet the local IG community and see the dogs in action. She also offered to take pictures at the pool party, and share them with everyone via email. She took some amazing pictures that day of the birthday boy and his parents, J & S.

That night, I couldn't wait to share the pictures with all of my friends at IGP, as well as the guests that had come to celebrate the birthday party....the End is near.

The title of the Thread is "R's" Splish Splash Birthday Party. I had a picture of the cake I had mad that had a digital image of the birthday boy on top, as well as pictures of everyone and their dogs having a great time at the party. Of course, the main focus of the thread were the pictures of the birthday boy and his parents having fun with their guests.

Within 24 hours of my post, the PMs started to arrive from the Moderators. It seems that because J & S were booted from IGP, I was not allowed to post their pictures or mention their names in any of my posts. Not only were J & S not allowed to be in my Thread, but their sweet little boy was also banned. The Moderators had edited out every picture I had posted with J & S as well as their little boy R¯. Even the birthday cake with Rs likeness on it was removed.

I questioned the Moderators several times, via PM, as to the fairness of what they had done. In order for my Thread to remain, I had to rename it to Splish Splash Play Date and accept the fact that they made the rules. By doing this, it greatly hurt J & S. This was their boy's birthday party and not just another play date at Linda's house. It was their party, not mine. It was a party to celebrate Rs 2nd birthday and now it was as if it never happened. S called me, in tears, telling me how hurt she was by it all.

I thought about it that night and PM'd the Moderators to request that my Thread be removed as well as all of the pictures, out of respect for my friends. I received a PM back saying that my Thread would not be removed. I decided that I could no longer be a part of a Forum that was run by an Admin who was so unfair. I once again PMd the Moderators and expressed exactly how I felt about what they had done. They said it was the Admins ultimate decision. I wondered how these women/men could be a part such unfairness dictated by one person. I made the decision to request that my Membership be removed, with that, all of my posts and pictures deleted, along with my IP address being blocked by the Admin so wouldn't be able view IGP as a guest.

After over 2200 posts, this is how my Membership on IGP ended....in defense of something more important...fairness and friendship.

When J & S found out what I had done, they thanked me for defending them, and felt awful about it all...then suggested that I might try joining a more fair forum, IP, where you could more readily speak your mind and wasn't so highly Moderated. They had become more active on IP since they were blocked on IGP and found many of the same Members on both.

I was so disappointed and hurt by what had transpired on IGP, did I really want to start over? Thankfully, I had gotten the phone numbers and email address of those members who had truly become my friends, and was able to email them all about what had happened on IGP and why they would not see me there anymore and why they would not see my pictures and posts as well, because they were all removed. It became apparent that I was not the only one who had feelings that IGP might not be the place for them anymore either. The degree of Moderation was out of control with posts being edited for the most trivial reasons. They told me that when people would post the question as to where I had gone, on IGP, those posts were removed as well, with PM's being sent to them stating that they were not to mention me or my dogs, Karma and Lexi by name anymore or they would be removed.

After a few weeks, and J & S telling me I should give IP a try, I decided to give IP a chance. Surely it couldn't be any worse than IGP...or could it? To be continued............

Part 2: Some things never change.....

I'm writing my Introduction onto IP. Unlike IGP unless you are a member, you cannot view the Forums first to see if this is a place you indeed want to be. I introduced myself and my two little girls Karma and Lexi. Within a short period of time, I received many warm welcomes from those who were new to me, as well as many others who had known me from IGP. I was PMd by those who wanted to know what happened, where had I been, and that they missed seeing and reading about Karma and Lexi. What surprised me most was a PM from a person who was an IGP Moderator as well as a IP Member. That person wanted me to know that as much as she disagreed with the decision to delete/edit my Thread on IGP, there was nothing anyone could do about it because the final call belonged to the Admin/Owner. I thanked her for her PM and told her I didn't blame any of the Moderators for what had happened. I knew the ultimate decision belonged to the Owner of the site.

This new Forum was much larger than the one I had just left, with many more members and sub-forums. I spent a lot time reading different Threads. J & S were right, IP Members seemed to have the freedom to Post their thoughts more freely, especially in certain Forums, engaging in more heated discussions about what bothers them, not only with certain things regarding IGs, but on many different topics. This was quite different than what I was used to, but good reading no less. I loved to read the sub Forums about IG Health, Rescue, etc. That's what I seemed to do the most on IP, read so much good information and a great search¯ feature as their data base from past posts was so large.

I started to post pictures of Karma and Lexi, and enjoyed posting my replies to the more general Threads and Introductions. After what I had been through, I had decided to keep all of my posts and Threads very light hearted, short and sweet. It wasn't long before I began to notice, more and more, that when someone posted something that went against the grain of many of the same, longtime Members, the replies got, well lets say, down right nasty. I read Introductions from brand new Members, who if they had purchased a puppy from a pet store, were lectured made to feel like they had committed a crime and put down over and over again for the god awful thing they had done. I would read how the new Member would try to explain how they just wanted to save that puppy from they small cage they were confined to and now that puppy was loved and the center of their world. The lecturing would go on for pages and pages.

I began to see a pattern that when someone got bashed, for whatever the reason, it was always the same Members who were involved in the bashing. These people were very opinionated and if they did not agree with you what you had posted, there was no way to avoid their wrath.

Of course, there were the Members who would reply that all this bashing of other Members needed to stop as it would get to the point of making anyone who read it extremely uncomfortable.

I never posted anything controversial so I knew this would never happen to me...or so I thought.

It was while I was on IP that I decided to add to my pack, a little blue and white girl, Deja Blue, from Karma and Lexis Breeder. I was so excited to be getting her...so much so that I wanted to share my joy with my friends at IP. I posted some adorable puppy pictures that my Breeder sent me of Deja, as well as pictures of Dejas littermates, saying how adorable they were and how if I could, I would take them all¯.

It was the posting of these pictures that all hell broke loose. My Breeder takes very recognizable puppy pictures that are posted on her website. Little did I know that My Breeder is not liked by this same group of opinionated IP Members, and now that they recognized where my dogs had come from (and the fact that I had posted Deja's new Kennel name)..they were going to let me know exactly how they felt about my Breeder and my dogs regardless of whether or not I asked for the information.

The bashing of me, my dogs and my Breeder went on for many, many pages. I didn't reply to their hurtful words, but just read what was being written in total disbelief. I called my Breeder and she explained to me the reason why she is not well liked by this group of men and woman. We had become like friends over the past 1.5 years and her explanation was good enough for me.

What was to happen next was beyond anything that had happened on IGP. First, I received an extremely hurtful PM from a male IP Member..one of the group who was always involved in multiple Member bashings. He PMd me as a friend, commenting on my cute puppy, and then turned ugly. I blocked him from ever PMing me again.

Next, I received a PM from a Moderator accusing me of soliciting puppies for my breeder? She was talking about the cute puppy pictures of Dejas littermates that I had posted. How could anyone possibly accuse me of that? There was a whole Forum where people, Breeders, posted their puppy pictures all the time. They were not accused of trying to sell their puppies on IP.

I realized that it was the fact that I posted MY Breeders puppy pictures, a Breeder they did not like, that brought on this outrageous accusation. I was told that they would delete Dejas puppy pictures as well as her litter mates...and that I was not permitted to post anymore pictures sent to me from my Breeder or it would be deleted.

I couldn't believe it...yes I could. I had had it...I never brought myself down to their level by ever replying back to my Thread, but just read all the sick replies. As before, there were many members, not a part of this group who posted on my Thread that enough was enough and to please stop the bashing.

It was about this same time that my Photographer friend from Rs¯ Birthday Pool Party had also gotten her puppy from my Breeder. She had also became a member of IP, and on her very first post of pictures of her new Puppy and it's Kennel name, her bashing went on for 11 PAGES! What a nice welcome to IP. That was her first and last post.

With that, I made the decision to only post enough to keep my Membership active... once, every few months. I had made many IG friends from these Forums, friends who I still keep in touch with today, but I had no desire or need to be associated with this group¯ of men/women who obviously had too much time on their hands. In the real world, I would never choose to surround myself with such negative people, such mean people.

It was shortly after my bashing and my friends bashing that some new Rules were implemented as far as bashing of other Members and Breeders. I guess many Members had complained about how this group had turned two innocent posts into a bashing free-for-all. But did these new rules stop this group from continuing to demean rather than inform Members who they did not like or agree with? This group figured out they could bash in subliminal ways to get around the new TOS.

This is not rocket science here...we're talking about a Forum for people to share the love of a particular breed of dog. As I discussed this with my friends J & S, they had also come to the realization that they too could no longer be a part of any more IG Forums...They left and never returned, disgusted as much as I was with what was going on.

I still would log on to IP to read and look at pictures on a regular basis. There was always informative information about IGs worth reading. On occasion, I would find a Thread that once again had turned ugly and heated. I would read it and move on.....shaking my head, realizing that all IG forums were ultimately the same....or are they???

To be continued.....

Part 3: A new beginning

I had very mixed emotions at having yet another disappointing experience on my second IG Forum. On one hand, I felt like I had lost something I truly enjoyed..sharing my beautiful IGs with people who I thought were just like me, meeting new people from all over the world and just having a good time. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever expect an IG Forum to be a place where if you say the wrong thing, your wonderful experience could turn into a nightmare at the hands of a dozen or so know-it-all Members.

On the other hand, after being demeaned, yelled at, made to feel like I had done something wrong, I was relieved be distancing myself from active posting. I would become a quiet member of IP...looking at pictures and reading the forum, while only posting an occasional welcome or a "your puppy is so cute" on the Photo Forum.

On the bright side, I received many PMs and emails from many IP Members who, after reading my Thread, said how disappointed they were at their Forum and these attacks were happening way to often. Some said they were leaving IP..that they felt like they could no longer feely post for fear that they too would become victims of Members, who behaved like sharks in a feeding frenzy...all because they don't like what you posted or necessarily have to say.

I was relieved to be done with it all. Then in early 2007, I was asked if I would be interested in being a part of a new IG Forum, one that would never let happen to anyone what had been done to me and many other people we knew. That would be the main priority of this new Forum. The Moderation would be kept to only making sure that the Forum ran smoothly and that any heating Threads be calmed down before it got out of hand. If ANYONE did not keep with the program or was a Member just to cause problems, their Membership would be deleted and they would be blocked.

Oh boy...did I want to even do this again? The concept sounded good. I felt it would start off wonderful, but as a Forum grows, as more people join, the headaches and problems would grow too. I felt I was more than able to be an Admin/Moderator....but did I really want to? After much thought and discussion, I agreed to come on board.

Over the next six months I watched IGWhispers develop into one of the most visually pleasing and user friendly IG Forums I had ever been on. Finally, IGWhispers was online and ready for people to discover us.

I sent out emails to all of the wonderful people I had met on IGP and IP, inviting them to check IGW out. Everything they hated about the other Forums would not happen here, and if anyone tried to cause problems they would be dealt with swiftly. Slowly....they came to check out IGW.

Everything was falling into place. IGW was now showing up on Google, our Membership was growing and everything was perfect. In the back of my mind though, I waited for the axe to fall. I knew as Membership grew, so would the potential for problems to arise.

Even though I was now very involved with IGW, at night, I would still log onto IP to catch up on my reading and looking at pictures. Ummmm, this was interesting, on one of the Forums where you could speak about any topic, I saw mention of a Quiet Place...what did that mean? Whatever it meant, the usual group of IP Members seemed to be having a good time poking fun at it.

Back on IGW, I welcomed new Members, getting to know them and their wonderful IGs. Then, something looked familiar. I was looking at pictures of a new Members IGs...I had seen them before. I went back on IP and there they were...it had begun, just as I had expected. Those same group of IP Members just couldn't wait to check IGW out. Only a few at first joined either using the same name that they had on IP or using new names....the familiar faces of their dogs remained the same...faces I knew all to well from my nights reading and looking at pictures on IP. We would all keep a careful eye on them and what they posted.

Back on IP, I would again notice mention of the quiet place...oh, I get it, lol, because their new rules say they can't bash other forums, they are using code words now....how clever...¯the quiet place=Whispers. Even though I was on to what was going on, and even though I was reading some pretty nasty things they had to say about IGW, NOT ONCE, did I ever jump back on IGW and post about it. I would never stoop to their level and break our own rules by bashing another forum and its Members on an IG Forum where it is obvious to everyone.

Around November-December of 07, there was a jump in our Membership....a very large jump.

Now, I never tried to hide my presence on IP. Why should I? I wasn't lurking around trying to cause problems for anyone. I wasn't reporting back to home base with my little book of notes. I was just reading. And the reading was very entertaining indeed. It was during one night of reading an IP Thread, yet again about the quiet place, that I then realized that the jump in IGWs Membership was because they were interested in checking up¯ on one of IGWs new Members, a former IP Member who they, well let's put it nicely, didn't like.

Having IP Members join IGW was fine with us. As long as everyone was respectful of ALL the Members, they were as welcome as anyone to enjoy IGW. For the most part, everything was progressing smoothly. There was virtually no need to Moderate anyone, Membership grew at a steady pace, and everyone commented how nice it was to finally have a friendly forum to go to, to share their pictures and ask questions about there IGs. Some could even finally admit that yes, they had gotten their beloved IG from a PET STORE, without being put down, demeaned, and ridiculed.

Then one night all hell broke loose. There was one night of havoc, when our newest group of Members (all from IP) decided to start attacking one of our Members (the one they didn't like). This attack ended up going into the middle of the night and ended with a few IP/IGW Memberships being deleted and blocked, people being put on Moderation for a cooling off period, posts being trashed and people, many people being warned and reminded of the TOS. I really felt like this was a very well planned attack, with so many IP people all logging on IGW at the same time, with only one intention...make things unpleasant for us. But in the long run, they just made themselves look like fools. Right after that, we increased our Moderator staff to have more eyes looking at all the posts that are written every day.

We are talking DOG FORUM people...this happened on a DOG FORUM!!

Life goes on. I'm actively logging onto IGW several times a day to enjoy and participate in every aspect of our new Forum. I'm also still logging onto IP in the evening because I still enjoy all the Forums there too just to read. One night in April of 08..the reading was great. Those same group of IP Members, many who were now also IGW Members were on a roll. The pages and pages of material, all 16 pages, were all about our little fledgling forum and its Members. They all saw me there, knew who I was, and even made mention of a spy¯ looking on. Hey, wasn't this a forum where all of its members could read what was written? Someone even suggested that they should go into the private chat rooms from now on so those from the quiet place could not read what they were saying...fine with me.

Still, I NEVER went back to IGW to start a Thread on what was happening to IGW with its new, exclusive group of Members, their purpose for being here, and what was being said elsewhere about us…NEVER. It wasn't important, I didn't care, and things like that should not be a part of a DOG FORUM.

The next time I tried to log onto IP...guess what??? They blocked me and deleted my account, lol. Nice...they did this because I was READING the posts on a Forum I belonged to and for no other reason. They deleted my account because they didn't like me? They deleted my account because they felt threatened?? Who....by little old me??? They deleted my account because they could now post their nasties without my eyes reading what they had to say about us??? How about ALL OF THE ABOVE??? No matter...I don't have to be an IP Member to know what still goes on there.

A few months ago I tried to write a letter to the Admin of IP to find out why exactly my account was deleted. Because their mailbox is always full and not accepting new mail, my email kept getting sent back to me. Maybe I'll post it here...

I had been a Member of IP for several years. Even though I was not a very active participant of late, I did post every now and then to keep my Account active. You might remember me, Linda Conte (ahedau), and am owned by 5 IGs, Karma, Lexi, Deja, Stella and Zoey.

I was on IP just about every night reading the many Threads, looking at pictures and most of all, doing searches on many questions I had regarding various topics such as feeding, health, etc. IP has a wonderful data base for doing searches on the many questions that come up as an IG owner, because of the length of time IP has been around.

I am quite aware, because of the Threads I came across while reading and enjoying IP, that the Forum that I am an Admin/Moderator for, IGWhispers ("the quiet place" is the term used for IGW on IP), came up as a topic of conversation a few times, always in a negative way and always by the same group of IP Members.

I never logged in as invisible to hide the fact that I was on IP (don't even remember if that is an option on IP). I have never felt the need to hide myself while logged in...I'm not a Lurker

The last time I was on IP was towards the end of April, again reading (and not invisible) "the quiet place". All I ever did was read. It really doesn't bother me as to what is said about IGW or its' Members elsewhere (bigger and better drama to deal with in my very real life). However, there has NEVER been an instance where I have EVER gone onto any website or Forum to bad mouth either IP or ANY of it's Members....never once. I am not that type of person. Although I enjoy the IG Forums, I have other things, more important things going on in my very busy life, to ever get that involved where I feel the need to talk bad about another Forum or its Members. Like IP, this is against our TOS as well and won't be tolerated.

I know the 5 Simple Rules of the TOS on IP, and have abided by them 100%. Although I am very happy on IGW, frankly, as it crossed my mind today, it has bothered me as to why my Membership was so abruptly deleted....I never got an email or PM regarding anything? That is why I decided to email the Admin. Was I reading too much on the threads about "the quiet place " that perhaps bothered some? All Members of IP can read and/or participate in all Threads. I was posting, at least enough to keep my Membership active..that much I do know. Can you just delete someone because you don't like them and don't want them there to read the posts? If so, that is very sad indeed.

I do miss all the interesting Threads that I so enjoyed reading, and most of all...always learning something new from all of your very knowing Members (some who are now enjoying IGW as well)...that much I will say. You can never learn too much about our wonderful breed.

I feel I am at least due the consideration of an explanation as to why my Account was deleted...I think I deserve that much. I look forward to hearing from you.

With Warm Regards,
Linda Conte

To be continued....

Part 4: Why?

So, many of us here at IGW are quite aware why many Members of IP are now Members of IGW. Some are on IGW almost every day, posting as caring, involved Members.....then when they are done here, they report back to home base.

Some other of our IP Members, hardly ever log on, but when they do, may start Threads or get word of a posted Thread that they hope will become heated in the hopes of drawing certain Members on for their opposing views. To me, it is just another attempt to start trouble on this forum, especially when it seems like every IP member on IGW seems to then log on and post on that Thread. It all seems too planned out in advance, like someone says “hey, why not go onto IGW and start a Thread on xxxxx just to see what xxxxx will post back....¯ Then these Members will go back to IP, call us names ("idiots") and laugh at us. Where are the IP Moderators then? Oh, I know....maybe they are on IGW joining in on the fun?? Seems like the IP TOS doesn't apply to this group.

We are aware of these tactics, and the who the targets of these traps are directed towards.

This brings me to the ultimate question that I am always thinking about....why? Why do adults join our Forum when they really don't want to be here, they don't like it here, and they don't like our Members? Are they here because it makes them feel empowered, pretending to play spy¯, reporting back to home base for those anxiously waiting for updates? For myself, I can't imagine having the time to be an active Member on a Forum I despised.

Then, I think that maybe some of the IP Members might really like it on IGW, because we are different from the other Forums, but because they have a loyalty elsewhere, would never be able to admit it back on IP. Then I think not...they only play nice on IGW, post pictures, post pleasant replies, as to not raise suspicion or draw attention to themselves. Yeah...that's the real reason. They don't want their "cover" blown. But we ALL know who you are........ So go ahead, have your fun. Again, we are talking about a DOG FORUM...

Again, as long as these people remain respectful towards ALL of our Members and abide by the TOS, no matter what their reason for being here, they will be "welcome".

Instead of spending precious time in a place you would rather not be, with people you would never be friends with..spend that time with your family, friends or pets. Bake some cookies with your kids, do something productive, volunteer at an animal shelter.

I guess I will never know the answer to the question...Why?

Part 5: Final Thoughts

IGWhispers....It has been one year since IGW went online. I am so proud to be a part of this Forum. Everyone is treated with respect, no matter how different the opinions, and that was the main reason for IGWs conception. But, most of all, we finally have a place where we can share our common obsession....the love of our Italian Greyhounds. This IS the last IG Forum I will ever be a Member of.

Why even write a Blog on this topic? Because, I think it's important for people to know how the cruel behavior/remarks/actions of an IG Forum not only impacted me, but many others too. I would hope that this Blog will make some people stop and think about what they are doing, the time they are wasting. And, maybe this Blog will be copied and pasted back to IP/IGP for all to laugh at and made fun of.....I wouldn't be surprised one bit. That's how some get their form of entertainment....so be it.

Somehow, people have forgotten what an Italian Greyhound Forum should be about....sharing information and advise about IGs, having fun, making new friends, and being there when we, or other Members need support.

In one year, we have grown into a Forum we can all be proud of. We maintain to keep it that way.


I am dedicating my Blog to my best friend of 16 years, Sandra, my soul mate. Last night, I waited 5 hours in surgical waiting room while she had an emergency hysterectomy, after experiencing severe abdominal pain. A scan revealed a mass on her fallopian tube. The surgeon said it was a cancerous tumor that had grown into an aggressive, fast growing, 12cm mass, that had developed over the past month or two. The last thing Sandra said to me before going into surgery was I don't know what I will be waking up to, pray for me. She has always lived a spiritual life, lives life to the fullest, and will continue to do so. Know one knows what Sandra's future holds. She will begin Chemo Treatmeants soon. We all pray for her remission.

A lesson learned....to make good use of the time have every day, because you never know what tomorrow will bring.


The End

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04/04/09 Update on Sandra:
After 8 rounds of Chemo to treat her stage 4 ovarian cancer, Sandra's PetScan came back free of cancer. She will continue her meds for maintenance, slowly reducing the frequency between infusions. It is truly a miracle. Thank you to all of my many friends here on IGW, who have prayed for Sandra and posted their support for her. Another reason why "I love it here".
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11/13/09 Update on Sandra
Sandra has been on maintenance for 6 months. After having another PetScan...she got the news that there is once again small spots of cancer in her liver and lymph nodes. This is devastating news. I pray for my best friend and can't imagine what she is going through. She just turned 50 and has everything to live for. Her faith remains strong and so does her will to fight this.

02/29/12 Sandra Shiraz, 10/31/59 - 06/22/11 * Rest In Peace, my BFF forever.

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Jul 23 2008 10:39 PM
Hey Linda!

I know this post is still a "work in progress" but I just wanted to say that I'm really glad you're posting all this. I only knew some of the story and actually was there to witness the aftermath. I'm just glad I had the chance to meet you and your girls before you got the boot from other places, otherwise I wouldn't have ever met you! happy.gif

After you were kicked off IGP, as you know, many members realized you were gone and were wondering what happened because you were such an active poster. Some even started their own threads asking where you were. Luckily for them, I got their usernames and PMed them after all of their threads got pulled to let them know what was up and how you were doing. I still post regularly on IGP, but not nearly as often as I used to. There were way too many times that I had to bite my tongue at people because I KNEW I would get booted. There was even one time that I personally emailed the creator of the site and he said there was nothing he could do. There are things that go wrong there, but you're not allowed to question the Mods because you'll get the boot faster than you can think. So I participate in threads that I or others can benefit from. I've made some friends along the way, but I always feel like I have to watch my step over there.

Another one of our members on IGW (that recently got married... hint) got booted over there for saying rescue isn't for everyone! They were correct because I 100% agree that rescue isn't for everyone and some people would much rather start with a puppy from scratch. It's just a personal preference. But the fact that they "challenged" rescue was enough to give them the boot.

As for IP, I think I've maybe posted 5 posts EVER over there and I have no desire to post anything. I agree that it is a wealth of information, especially because its topics are much larger than IGP. But the things that go on over there completely and utterly baffle me. I sit with jaw dropped in awe of how people could turn the love for our dogs into somethin so ugly.

I was so happy to be in contacts with you and Laura when IGW first came into light... even in the very beginning when we were only a subforum! I love that we can say things like our breeder's names and show pics of our babies without being attacked. It's one thing to try to educate people, but it's another thing to attack and demean them, like on IP. I've been very happy to see IGW grow and I continue to post on various bulletin boards about this forum to get more people involved. I'm glad that the mods here have been on top of things in regards to members bashing others. This is for the love of the dog! It's not for people's personal issues with others. I can only hope that IGW will continue to grow, expand, and become something so great! smile.gif

As for my fur family... Raffi was bred without bein shown to championship, so my stepmom is what people consider a BYB. I got Zeke from a questionable breeder. Does that make me any less of a person? Absolutely not! I love R & Z more than anything and no one's opnions are going to tell me otherwise. I can't post the background info on other forums because I KNOW I'll get chastised. But here, it's ok, and I love that! wink.gif I just continue to educate myself and educate others in hopes that people will make the best decisions for themselves.

WOW that was way longer than I planned... and you're not even finished with your blog yet! ohmy.gif I'll stop blabbin!! tongue.gif
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Thanks Linda, for all this background info!! I find it all very interesting. My first "forum" experience was on a local IG "Meetup" group. Everything was fine until someone started bashing all the IGs that came from the local pet store where I got Jack. I agree that pet stores are not great, but my dog is fine, so leave him alone!! I didn't want to be a part of any other forum again. I even only joined IGW, skeptically at first, by Laura's suggestion. But now I am glad I joined. Thanks to everyone for helping to make IGW great!! I look forward to reading more, Linda!!
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Thanks for the blog, Linda. We unfortunately were there for everything that happened to you on IGP and experienced the aftermath. Shortly after you were booted we were also booted. Steve had a knack for posting things to make the moderators unhappy (not things to go against the TOS, just things that they didn't agree with). We often got our posts deleted or removed. Actually, I think we had some pictures from R's Splish Splash that also got deleted. I even think we were put on a "suspension" until we could get our act together. I think the final straw was when Steve stood up for someone who was getting bashed for their very recognizable puppy pictures from a certain breeder we all know and love. I believe that Steve defended this person saying that, wherever they got their puppy they should be able to post pictures in their introduction and celebrate the joy of having a new IG without being raked across the coals for their choice in breeder. This was before we even knew that the hatred of this breeder was unwarranted completely, Steve just thought that people should be treated with respect and not bashed for their PERSONAL CHOICE. He even had several debates over PM with moderators and admin about how unfair it is for someone to be so happy about their new puppy and then be totally humiliated and made to feel like garbage because of where they got their puppy. He said that bashing of this nature should not be allowed, no matter what the personal feelings of the admin or moderators was. I remember being so upset when we were kicked off because we had now lost all connections with our IG friends and would never be able to go to playdates again. However, we had kept in contact with Linda and Steve emailed her to tell her what happened. Soon enough, we found our home here in IGW and couldn't be happier.
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I remember well some of the "discussions"
that went on and on for no apparent reason
other than to make a certain few feel more
powerful in their own mind. I don't post
much at all on IP for that very reason.
I appreciate you sharing your story Linda
and I'm also grateful for what they refer
to as the "quiet" forum.
A similiar thing happened to a very dear
friend of mine on one of the rv forums
I'm on and she was booted for no apparent
reason and so were her friends and also
anyone that brought up her name. A new
forum was born of that and nearly all the
posters left the old one and came on board
the new one, and its thriving and growing
still just like this one. I truely like a forum
to make its member feel like family and
IGW feels like that. Thank you.
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Thanks everyone for your replies. They validate my point....that people truly get hurt from the way they have been treated on a Forum. Maybe it will make some people think twice about what they are doing.
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I am so glad that I came into a wonderful IG blog community. This is the first one I've ever tried. & I feel so blessed
that i didn't have to go through the torture of any other sights. Thanks Everyone. victory.gif
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QUOTE(KisaMyLoveBug @ Aug 28 2008, 09:31 PM)
I am so glad that I came into a wonderful IG blog community. This is the first one I've ever tried. & I feel so blessed
that i didn't have to go through the torture of any other sights. Thanks Everyone. victory.gif

Thanks, Ashley...I know you will love it here....I feel blessed too.
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Thank you for this forum. I enjoy it and I enjoy the blog section. It feels good to get my thoughts out about my IGs. So much going on sometimes that only certain people wld understand...
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Great blog,
BUT EVEN GREATER IS SANDRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M CRYING, LINDA; I'M SERIOUSLY DRIPPING TEARS BECAUSE I KNEW THAT GOD WOULD TAKE CARE OF HER; I FELT IT!!!!!!!! I'M SO HAPPY, LINDA; FOR BOTH SANDRA AND YOU! This IS a miracle, and I told you..........MIRACLES DO HAPPEN! Sandra has many angels watching over her; they will help her heal completely. I couldn't feel better about this; THANK YOU GOD; and please, make sure that Sandra knows that there's at least one stranger out there who sincerely cares about her, and who has prayed for her miracle, and is now so very relieved to hear that she's going to be here to see her sons graduate, get married, and she'll be a GRANDMOTHER who is the very best Nana in the whole Universe!

I'm THRILLED by this news; and I'm so HAPPY for both of you, Linda. NOW STOP MAKING ME CRY ALL THE TIME, WILL YA? jeez; i thought you were my friend.........

xx rhona
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Linda - I just now saw and completely read your blog. I too am members on IP and IGP and I am very, very quiet about it. I usually only post something if I need a LOT of opinions or just to post a cute picture or two of my boys, or to keep up with rescue here in CT, I cannot foster, but do like to donate things on occasion to help out, and to keep up on playdates in my area. I never voice an "opinion" of my own, only if I have first hand experience with something. I too have been chastised for using caps (I was new at posting at the time and didn't realize that caps is supposed to mean yelling...) HEY, I'm Italian and we just get "excited"....doesn't mean I am YELLING!!!!........LOL

These forums, I originally thought, were supposed to be "fun" and "lighthearted" and to connect fellow IG fanatics all over the world. I never understand the need for hostility just because someone does something different than you, or has a different opinion about something or whatever. Everyone has feelings and deserves to be treated with respect.

I LOVE IGW and the people on this forum and want to compliment all the moderators for a wonderful job. I am never nervous to post anything on this site that might not be "generic" whereas on the other sites, I am always nervous.

PS - Last time I was "moderated" on IGP was when my grandson was born and I posted his very first picture when he was seconds old, and was told by a moderator that they pulled my picture to have someone look at, because they were not sure what the rules were about baby genitalia. I was taken back, I didn't look at the picture that way. But after speaking with my husband, he agreed that I shouldn't post that because there are all kinds of weirdos in the world....so I cropped the picture and reposted on all my sights.

Anyway, I just want to thank you all for a comfortable forum that I enjoy going on and look forward to every day.

Thanks guys!!
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Wow Linda... I just read this for the first time. All I can say is WOW. You go girl.
Thank you for your friendship and for just being you! You know I was skeptical about joining
IGW after the heartache of IGP and IP - - - but am so happy I am here now... thank you.

Hugs!! wub.gif
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Today, I was left a comment "I know why you were deleted smile.gif " from a Member (and I use the term loosely) who logged on as a "guest" and who only usually comes on in the middle of the night to read our Forum (I'm a night owl so I see him/her on). As a Moderator/Admin...I can view any Member and see what they are reading. I deleted his/her comment (actually regretting it now so I could be viewed by everyone) but just want him/her to know that his/her comment confirmed everything I said above. Have a good day.
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Yeah, except it wasn't xxxxx, although s/he probably knows why you were deleted, too.

Don't you think that this is the same abuse of power that you are "raging against"?
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Hello again "Guest" I think I'll leave this one on....again....proves my point...thank you. As I said....I was aware of which Member was reading my Blog and when...then when the comment was posted. Is it a coincidence that the above Member happen to be on reading my Blog at the exact time that the comment was posted. Hey, I can log as a "guest" too if I wanted. "Raging"...I think not. Prove me wrong and you will get my sincere apology...
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ummmm..."guest" how would you know to recheck my blog a second time when I sent the PM to the above Member letting them know that I deleted their "first" comment? Reply all you want "Guest"...I'll not give you one more moment of my time. People can judge for themselves.
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QUOTE (Linda @ Dec 6 2008, 07:11 PM)
ummmm..."guest" how would you know to recheck my blog a second time when I sent the PM to the above Member letting then know that I deleted their "first" comment? Reply all you want "Guest"...I'll not give you one more moment of my time. People can judge for themselves.

Um, because I wanted to see if anybody had responded to my HIGHlarious comment.
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IGW Guest: "Linda"
Dec 06 2008 07:50 PM
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Dec 06 2008 07:52 PM
This is absolutely ridiculous that people from Iggy Planet NOT ONLY bash people on their OWN site, but then they find the need to come over here and start trouble. Do you people really have nothing better to do with your time? Linda is stating her own personal experience. Why don't you run along to your other forum where you can sit around and bad mouth people? I mean, that's all you do anyways. We are here for our love of our dogs and all IGs. You are obviously not here for that reason. Thanks!

(Sorry Linda, had to... really POed! tongue.gif)
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Ya know, its hard to believe that the people posting such things are 'adults'.
Some people just have too much time on there hands!
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