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Rain! Yuck

Posted by , 20 September 2008 · 277 views

Had an agility trial today. Al has been feeling great so I d ecided to go and run him. It poured rain!! Summer was very short here this year. Less than 2 months and it's back to rain. Yuck.

I took Simon to the practice jump and started to work a bit with him. I didn't have the crate around and I regretted it. There were 250 dogs there and Simon was all excited to go and smell where everyone had been.

When I thought he was ready I took off his leash and he did a sit stay for me and then when I released him it was to much and he ran past the jump and ignored me and ran to a chain link fence where the marking started. I swear his eyes were going to start rolling around in his head. He didn't come when called, still sniffing, and I got over to him and picked him up. Carried him back to where we started and put the leash on him. Then I tried it again, and this time he started to work for me. I was able to send him out to the jump from over 25 feet away, and yell left or right and he would turn that way on landing and come back to me. He really got into it, and was tested mightily as a Sheltie on a Flexi leash got to within about 5 feet of him during a short period of the session. Simon ran right by it to get back to me and I was really proud of him. In the past he would have stopped, smelled it, on all the good spots, and possibly tried to hump it. For him to ignore it and run to me while we were playing our game. was very encouraging.

I'll try it again tomorrow, and have the crate nearby in case I have to yell in the crate. If I yell that I think it's better if I actually have one.

Al earned another QQ getting a 2nd place ribbon in Jumpers with weaves today. Very wet conditions and one competitor slipped and tore his ACL in his knee and they had to call 911 and take him to the hospital.

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