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More Distraction Training

Posted by , 17 September 2008 · 156 views

The day after their dentals, I had my regularly scheduled agility class with Al. He had been through enough this week, and was on pain meds so there was no way I would put him through that. If he wasn't feeling himself there was no point in making him do anything, although he was in good spirits and wanted to play.

So Al got to watch Simon do agility instead of the reverse.

The class is with 2 Boston Terriers, an Aussie, a Weimeramer, and 2 Border Collies. There are a lot of dog and people distractions and although it was a competition class, with tough courses, and experienced dogs, it was worth a shot to see how Simon would do in this situation. LOTs of noise from dogs and people, and dogs that Simon was familiar with as he had played with them. I wanted to try to build on what happened in the horse arena.

Simon did great. He barked and yelped when he thought I should be taking him out to do something. He watched the other dogs intently as they did the course, and when I brought him out, I ran him through some sequences at full speed and he was with me the whole time. He did awesome weave poles in front of all those people and dogs, 10feet away, along the side of the poles, and never even gave them a thought.

We had 4 baby runs, where he would come out of his crate, over 6 to 8 obstacles and through the weaves, and then run back into the crate. All at full speed.

My instructor Jef Blake, was so thrilled to see how well Simon did in that situation that he got all teared up and emotional. He was so thrilled to be able to say that Simon was almost ready to go compete in Jumpers with Weaves. It's a while off, but we both can see the day that he gets to go and compete.

Simon was thrilled with himself. Being treated like a big boy. He pranced around, was totally focused, his tail wagging all the time and his mouth open taking everything in. He's really starting to come around.

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