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Posted by , 24 September 2008 · 517 views

Last night after Simon had to watch Al taking class from his crate, he got a chance to play. There were essentially two classes in the building at the same time. My class which was breaking up, and the next class which was beginning to assemble.

I planned an 11 obstacle sequence that I wanted to try with him. Pottied him, set his crate at the start, got him ready, and then released him after a one jump lead out. He charged out of the crate. There were probably 10 people and 10 dogs within 15 feet of him to the side, and if he wasn't interested in doing agility, there would have been plenty of entertainment there for him. Simon ignored all that, and came charging out of his crate at full speed, took 3 jumps in a straight line, then had to do a hard 90 degree turn to the right to go over another jump, and then a hard 180 degree turn into a tunnel. Out of the tunnel and a race about 30 feet to another jump where he had to do a hard 180 degree left turn into 12 weave poles, then a jump, another hard left turn, and another jump, a hard left turn, 2 more jumps in a straight line and then into his crate.

He did this at full speed three times and never went off course, and stayed focused each time. Everybody in the building was watching, and they started cheering and yelling for him. Each time we did it he got a little faster. He was thrilled with himself, and when I took him off the course he jumped up onto Jef Blake's Lap (his instructor) and Simon gave him hugs and kisses. Then he pranced around feeling proud of himself. His weave pole entries were awesome, and his speed through them was like a fast Border Collie's. His ground speed is incredible. No wonder everyone there was excited to see that. They've all been wondering about Simon and when they were going to see him run!!

wow....Simon lives to run and please....it's nice to love what you do. Good Job Simon wink.gif
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