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Posted by , 24 September 2008 · 325 views

Sunday was another yucky day. The clouds were just above your head and it rained most of the day. Al had a bad run in the rain in the morning, hiding out in the first tunnel on the course, and although it was a little dark and damp in there, it seemed better to him than being out in the rain. Since there were two more tunnels on the rest of the course, I knew I had my work cut out for me, and decided to cut the course short, run a few obstacles near the end of the course and get him happy and dry. He flew around the last part of the course. In the afternoon he had a great run, but on the second to last jump he turned his head just as he approached the jump and his timing was off, and he crashed through the jump, knocking both bars down and shaking himself up a bit. After checking him out, he took the last jump and was rewarded with his "guts" ( a toy stuffed with turkey) and then a nice lunch which was waiting for him at the car.

In the afternoon, I took Simon out for two training sessions about an hour apart. There were lots of distractions, and he did great. Stayed with me the whole time, and really had fun. I was sending him out to the practice jump from over 30 feet away, and when I released him he would run full speed out to the jump and I'd yell left or right, and he'd jump, turn the correct direction and come running back to me, where he'd get heavily rewarded with treats and physical contact, and praise. He loved it ,and was very happy to be doing it. After 5 or 6 repeatitions of this the training was over, and he'd hang out with me and watch the agility competition. 2 minutes of training and a a long break, and then another short training session.

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