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Week of October 12th

Posted by igandwhippetlover, 12 October 2007 · 322 views

Thank heaven this week is over as far as work goes. Each week seems to get longer, with the pain that I am having to live with until November 9th. I really wish someone would cancel their appointment with the dr. so I could get in.

I think I am finding out that I am sick of work! I want nothing more than to stay at home with my furkids. There are so many things that I could do at home, but unfortunately it does not pay what my job does. I want to get into a business for dogs full time. And maybe even have my own shop in town.

The kids have been very good this week.

Tony is doing so well. Just to look at him, hold him and love him makes me so happy. He put up with so much over the last six months. In and out of hospitals, being poked and prodded by so many vets. Blood being drawn all the time. He is really my hero when it comes to sickness. I have to follow his lead. He put up with it, so can I.

Raffie is getting cuter every day. The things he is doing now that he would not do before. He is playing more and more each day with the other dogs. Last night, for the first time ever he stood up to Lance. Lance wanted the recliner, and Raffie was in it. Lance jumped up trying to push Raffie out. But Raffie just sat there and refused to move. Way to go my baby!

Gabbie is changing as well. She is becoming more loving all the time. Last night she had me hold her like a baby. Not being a Grandma, because our son never married, it sure felt good to hold her that way. Her face is turning into sugar. She has so much graying going on. And she is not even two yet.

Angel is as always the little princess of the house. She is starting to play with Lance more. But she has to be in charge of the playing, or she gets mad and bites him. :innocent: In two months she will be three years old. I can't believe that she is going to be that old. It just seems like yesterday that she was a baby. Where has the time gone?

Lance this week decided he should have SA. Thank heaven it was for only one night! Raffie has it every night.
Lance is still the couch potato that he has always been. I brought him home a new ball tonight and instead of chasing it, I had to bring it to him. Lazy, Lazy, Lazy. But a bedtime, he barks to tell all the dogs where they should sleep. He wants where they are laying.

My husband is doing better, which is great after he fell at work last week, a four foot drop! It is hard on him, because I am not allowed to pick up anything over 5 pounds, bend, twist or stoop. I wish I were on the road to recovery, instead of being in pain all the time.

Well, the weekend is here. We have a good friend, Becca, coming over Sunday with her dogs so that the dogs can play together and we can say good bye to her. We are happy for her that she has gotten a job in Hawaii.

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