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Still learning ...

Posted by , 03 September 2007 · 102 views

This week I managed to momentarily overcome my distrust of doorways. I'm not sure if the change from one side to another is safe, so I still hesitate at every threshold. Mom keeps working with me. She says once we get doorways down, we'll work on stairs. ... I'm not excited about that. It seems too much like falling.

We had a few disagreements this weekend. Mom went into a couple of the rooms I can't go into. Then, later she didn't pay attention to me fast enough. So, I peed on the carpet outside my room. Mom wasn't happy. She fussed at me. I went back to using my paper and she seemed happier.

I made lots of trips this week. I went to the big building where I met some more people that smell a little like the clothes Mom comes home in when she leaves me alone all day. I really liked them. They smelled good and fussed over me. Then we went to a giant room with lots and lots of animal smells. Mostly other dogs. Mom and Dad put this funny thing one me like my "collar." Except this one went under my chest and came up between my arms. They said I looked handsome, but I'm not so sure.

We went to this other place that smelled really, really good. Dad went in and Mom stayed with me in the "truck." I sat in the middle and looked out at all the people moving around outside. When Dad came back out, he had a couple of bags that smelled as good as the rest of the air outside, only better. Mom said I couldn't have any "barbeque" 'cause it's too spicy. I disagreed, but she didn't give in. She did show me "roast chicken" the other day. Dog! That stuff is awesome! I wanted all of it, but the cats got some. Mom and Dad put the rest in the giant, cold box. I hope I get more soon.

School this week was fun. The blue-haired girl got in trouble for too much growling. The rest of us had lots of fun together, though. There's one guy in class who's like a smaller version of my brother, Gator. He's pretty cool. I've learned "sit" and "down." Mom says "come" still needs work. We learned "leave it." I'm getting lots of practice for that one since Mom's always telling me to "leave it" when I go after her shoes.

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