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Faith on the Beach - Fun by the Ocean for the first time!

Posted by About Time IGs, 15 October 2007 · 553 views

Faith had a blast playing on the beach, and was quite excited at seeing the ocean for the first time. She loved the waves rippling in and out ... I guess she thought they were some kind of cool new toy to play with . She had a bit of a confused moment when she realised her new "toy" was getting her feet wet, :innocent: but she had a blast anyway!

LOTS of pictures to share:

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

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Excellent shots - - looks like she had a blast! Does she always travel off leash (or free to roam, as Grigio prefers)?
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QUOTE(Rachelle @ Oct 16 2007, 12:30 PM)
Does she always travel off leash?

Faith is usually on leash. She gets to play off leash at fenced dog park visits, in certain small local stores we visit, on supervised outings in the mountain valleys around our home, and there on the beach. The only reason she was off leash there was because it was a huge secluded beach. There was nothing and no-one for miles and nowhere for her to potentially get lost. Faith also will not go far from me. Even more of a concern to her than anything she starts chasing is how far she is from me and where I am. She always has to have me in her sight. wink.gif

I would not let her off leash anywhere public though that was unfenced - the risk of a potential dart into traffic or something is not a risk I am willing to take with any of my dogs.
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Oh my, these pictures are awesome.

And Faith is such a fun, beautiful little girl.
Her up ears are a hoot.

And just like my baby Alauda, she turned the beautiful age of 1 year old. rolleyes.gif

I loved the story of her in Mexico. I can imagine what those folks were thinking. We call Alauda our little deer too. And they are bendable beyond belief.

I am so happy to have this blog and keep in the loop of Faith's life. Faith really has a special place in my heart.

And to show you I am not talking out of my neck when I say she has the same looks as Alauda (and probably just like my late Yentl who lives on in you), here is my girl who turned 1 year old on the 15th Oct.

Alauda being cocky:

Alauda being beautiful and sunning:

Alauda inspecting the sky (front/right) with her sister Olivia:

Happy belated Birthday, Faith! And for you there must be many more years ahead of you. It was written in the stars.
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