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"Beautiful Deer who Runs Like Rabbit"

Posted by About Time IGs, 14 October 2007 · 1,363 views

While we were in Mexico, folks there seemed to find Faith very interesting...
We ran into lots of people who wanted to pet her, and who couldn't seem to stop staring at her - especially when she was running around.

There was a really cool guy who brought our water to the house we were staying at - He did not speak English and I am very limited in my Spanish, so I don't know his name, but he absolutley loved Faith. He would watch her run and he would point and laugh - he was so happy. Every time she stopped to look at him or took off running he would slap his leg and laugh again.
Her new friend wanted his photo taken with her - I love the way this picture came out. He was so happy to hold her - but was trying to look so serious for the photo. He told all his friends that I took his photo and was going to take it back to the US and sell it there.

Attached Image: FaithVacation2.jpg

After some limited conversation attempts, one of his friends translated for me - he pointed to Faith and called her
"Beautiful Deer who Runs Like Rabbit" :innocent:
So I guess that is Faith's Mexican name now ... :blink:

Another guy who came by was staring very strangly at her thru the glass door to the house as he thought we had a small deer in the house!

The next time we go back I want to take a print of that shot in case we run into him again so I can give him a copy.

Attached Image: FaithVacation3.jpg

Just A Little Faith!

Faith's "Story" is one that never should have existed. By all rights, her story should have been over almost as soon as it began...

"Once upon a time there was a puppy.
The puppy had an accident and broke her neck.
She was given no chance of recovery, and was put to sleep."

End Of Story.
(or at least it should have been)

Faith's story though, is a bit longer than it should have been (by all rights).
Her story is being written daily, and is a story of determination, faith, hope, and miracles! We invite you to join in sharing her journey, and cheering for a little girl who just refuses to give up!

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