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Back to Reality

Posted by About Time IGs, 12 October 2007 · 345 views

Well, our vacation was wonderful, but as they say... all good things must come to an end.
So, back to reality for me! Lots to catch up on, as vacations are nothing but an excuse to put everything off till you return :innocent:

We took a trip to California with our new import Corso "Amon" to do a breeding with a female out there.

Attached Image: AmonVacation1.jpg

Our friend Mike who owns the female has a beach house out in Mexico on a gorgeous privatly owned beach. We're talking miles of beautiful beach, sand, and ocean - clean, beautiful, and secluded. We spent the week on the beach having a blast! (and fixing flat tires - another story coming soon) The whole time we were there we saw only three other people (and they were lost!).

There were no phones, no internet, no computers, nothing to distract from a calm quiet week of solitude and relaxation. I had such a great time! Faith saw the ocean for the first time, and thought those waves were going to be great play toys till she realised they got her feet wet! This is one of my all time favorite pictures from the whole trip!

Attached Image: FaithVacation1.jpg

I'm about ready to pack up and move to Mexico myself. A week without internet, e-mails, and phone calls ... I was in heaven!

Many photos to share!!! I think I took over 1200 photos, and Richard says 800+ of them seem to be of Faith! :dribble:

Updates soon!


OMG....I love the pictures! The one of Faith is priceless. Please......more pictures beach.gif
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End Of Story.
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