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Posted by About Time IGs, 15 September 2007 · 370 views

:blink: Happy Birthday Faith! :beach:

Today is Faith's First Birthday - she is now a whole year old!
For a little pup that was paralized and given no chance of recovery at 8 weeks, just reaching her first birthday is an incredible accomplishment she never should have achieved. Reaching a year of age healthy, happy, and completly recovered with full mobility is far beyond my wildest dreams for this girl. When I first brought her home from the vet with her broken neck, as I held and cared for her poor broken and paralized body, I prayed that she would somehow accomplish the impossible and against all odds recover even enough to just be able to get around well enough to function happily as a "special-needs" dog. Even to hope for that was asking for the impossible... I never dared to dream that she would today be the happy full-of-life bundle-of-joy that blesses me every day I am graced with her presence!

This dog is an inspiration to me EVERY DAY. :hug:
For her to have accomplished all she did, no matter how frustrated I am about life at the moment, I don't really have much to complain about myslef! I am so blessed to be able to share my life with her. :LMAO:

:innocent: Today's her day - she deserves it! :dribble:
Off to have some fun, take some pix to share, and will post updates later!

PS - Faith received a really cool Birthday Gift from her "Aunt Linda" and her Florida pack of friends - Karma, Lexi, Deja, and Stella! THANKS LINDA!!!

Here is Faith in her new Yap-Wrap - a wonderful gift from Linda and her girls - taking a break from playing at the park this afternoon to pose pretty for a picture!

Posted Image
:doh: Isn't She Gorgeous??? :doh:

Just A Little Faith!

Faith's "Story" is one that never should have existed. By all rights, her story should have been over almost as soon as it began...

"Once upon a time there was a puppy.
The puppy had an accident and broke her neck.
She was given no chance of recovery, and was put to sleep."

End Of Story.
(or at least it should have been)

Faith's story though, is a bit longer than it should have been (by all rights).
Her story is being written daily, and is a story of determination, faith, hope, and miracles! We invite you to join in sharing her journey, and cheering for a little girl who just refuses to give up!

See the miracle of Faith's Story at www.JustALittleFaith.com
and share in Faith's daily updates here in her blog!

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