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A Day at HazelJane's

Posted by OKIgglets, 24 January 2010 · 617 views

SO today was a tough day, i had a lot going on at work and I wanted to go shoot some video and stills of the adoptable Italian Greyhounds at HazelJane's Rescue. Daniel met me there with the girls, and Panga was quite overwhelmed to be in a living room with 14 Iggies. She cried a bit but then we went outside and she had a bit more fun. Maggie, the owner of the rescue drove to Missouri on Friday to pick up two puppies. They are 5 month old brother/sister. the girl is all white with fawn on her face with a white split and baby blues eyes (I'm in love with her. I could stare into those eyes all day) and her brother is an Irish red and white, and i mean RED! oh, and he has a little bright pink spot on the side of his nose. he's a handsome boy. The fawn girl is named Sweetpea and the boy is named... you guessed it. Red. There are also 3 adult dogs up for adoption. they are all blue and white Irish colored. First is Hank. He doesnt like human touch. He was a mill dog and only used for studding purposes. He never knew a kind hand so who can blame him for wanting people to keep their hands to themselves. Next is Margaret, she's a bit over wieght but it just adds to her cuteness. She was a mill mom and not used to contact. As long as you're colm and still she might approach you, just don't move fast and she may dart away. Then last but most certainty not the least is Miss Sofie. Sofie is missing her teeth due to no vet care or teeth brushing, so her tongue hangs out and is quite comical. she was also a mill mom. Sofie doesn't mind to be toughed but prefers not to be. these poor animals were used for money and now must spend the rest of their lives wondering if they'll ever have a forever home. It broke my heart and I would have taken every one of them home if I could. but they are happy with Maggie and her husband for now.
I'm totally in love with little SweetPea, but I know that every time I mention getting a dog that it upsets Daniel. And he's more important than anything else. Little Sweetpea will get a forever home in no time and I just hope that she gets as much love and understanding there as she would if she were part of our family. Good luck to all you rescue iggies and I hope that you all know happiness and find the homes that you were meant for. I'll do my best to try and find you all homes!

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