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Starbuck's new game

Posted by OKIgglets, 20 January 2010 · 653 views

So Starbuck knows to touch my hand when I say the word "paw". one day I decided to see if i could get her to touch anything with that command, so i pointed to me knee, touched it with my finger, tapped up and down with my finer and said paw.. she went over and touched my knee! success! so now, she has learned to touch anything that I point to. I'm hoping to slowly start teaching her the name of an item by doing this over and over again. today we were in our "school" (training) room and i surrounded her and i with different items and would say the name of 1 item (a rag) when i pointed to it, she doesn't have it quite yet, but she was so excited and having so much fun! I know that i've found her knew favorite game!

So cute and so smart! I wish I had as much discipline but I'm babied too much. Keep writing with updates!
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