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upset tummies and technology

Posted by OKIgglets, 14 January 2010 · 397 views

Last night was our weekly family night, We had BBQ and mashed potatoes from scratch and corn on the cob. Starbuck has had digestive issues and the vet said that we were to make sure that she didn't eat anything other than her food (no paper, no people food, etc) well I explained this to everyone and yet throughout the night I saw a few people had her bits of meat and someone gave her and Panga a corn cob. Well.... at 5:10 this morning I woke up randomly and soon heard Panga throwing up corn EVERYWHERE in the bed. We had to get up and change the sheets and clean the mattress. It wasn't fun and all because people didn't listen to my wishes concerning my "children". A few other things happened that night to upset me, but I'm over them now.

I just got out of the shower with Daniel and we went to go sit on the couch after playing with the dogs for a bit and I noticed something next to Daniel on the couch.... I looked kinds like part of my phone cover....Wait, it was part of my phone cover, complete with gnawed off corners. Then Daniel said that he got a call from me 25 minutes ago with a voice mail that was nothing but static. I asked why he didnt say anything and he said that he didn't think about it. so After looking over the damage on my phone it appears that Panga punctured through the actual phone into its innards. it still works, but I'm stuck with this phone for about September! I still love them and I didn't yell at them, they just don't want mommy talking to any one but them.

Oh, one more thing to note. Daniel has said that we can get another dog in January of 2011.... or if I can wait until August we can get another June baby... but I don't think I can wait that long.

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