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Revenge of the Fallen

Posted by Samma, 24 June 2009 · 330 views

Sexy cars, hot chick, awkward boy, giant alien robots, and all the "awesome" explosions, a la Michael Bay. It's a movie for action lovers, for people who love senseless violence and genocide (in films). It's also a "boy's" movie.

So to shock everyone, seven women have gathered for a Council of the Wi--wait, wrong movie.

Revenge of the Fallen is an occasion where we're gathering. Last year, it was BotCon (yes, that's a Transformers convention, yes, I was there, and yes, I am that much of a geek), this year, our bitty apartment in Lexington. We have two people driving in and one flying in to augment the already crowded house. Out of our Survival: Earth forum, we're only missing three Elites, those that are the major players and silent ruling body.

From today until Saturday, it's going to be non-stop chaos. The only thing that will have our undivided attention will be the two and a half hours we sit in the theatre.

When we sit in one room, we will have two ruling (and one deceased) Decepticon rulers. We will have Barricade, Decepticon Elite. Ratchet, Autobot CMO. Maggie Madsen, the hot Australian computer whiz. A trine of Seekers, the rulers of the skies. The Brute Squad, charged with keeping order by any means reasonable. We have allies, we have enemies, mates, friends, and lovers.

But above all, we have friends.

So, for the next week, welcome to Warbird's House of Special Needs.

...we'll try to leave some of the city standing.

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