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Of Cockatiels and Coffee and Bright, Sunny Days

Posted by Samma, 08 June 2009 · 481 views

Dusti, being her excitable (birdbrained) self, woke the household at ten sharp this morning with the sharp whistle of a cockatiel that's happy to see the sun. That's some talent, considering she was in the living room, all the way at the other end of the house. So I creaked and groaned my way out of bed, finally disturbing Nino, who sleeps like the dead. Soon, the coffeemaker was sputtering and cursing its existence as it was forced to brew a full pot of Black Death, Morgan and I watching like hungry vultures for it to finish the cycle. Double--if not triple--cream for her, two ice cubes in a giant mug for me.

Since we were already up, I decided to take Nino for a run at the dog park. We switched parks this time, by virtue that this one was closer to home, and wasn't split up between big and little dogs. I'd gotten quite tired of prissy ladies with their teacup babies screaming at me because Nino was dashing about with the pack, being a dog... and running over one of these miniature pets. He never hurt them--and most of the time, they loved it, getting right into the thick of the fray--but it didn't stop the overprotective biddies. If I took him to the big dog side to play with the Rots, the Bullys, the Labs, and the occasional Dane, unfailingly, some loudmouth would tell me in the snottiest way to get my bitty dog on the other side of the fence.

This park had a smaller pasture for them to run in, and the people were much nicer. Nobody complained when Nino ricocheted off of a boxer, before leading the chase after an Aussie shepherd. And the shepherd's tennis ball. He had a blast, which is what's important, without having Mom chase him around and making him "sit" because somebody else is flipping out. He wanted to swim in the lake though, and of course, I had to put my foot down and say "no". Poor guy. We'll find an appropriate place for a pup-swim.

Nino cam come to Florida and have a swim in my pool. I'm happy you found a more fun place for both of you to go.
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QUOTE (Linda @ Jun 10 2009, 08:35 AM)
Nino cam come to Florida and have a swim in my pool. I'm happy you found a more fun place for both of you to go.

Florida's one hell of a drive away for a swim, Linda! When we go down, it's to the Tampa area.
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Love the descriptive writing! Very creative!!
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QUOTE (Louie @ Jun 17 2009, 11:33 PM)
Love the descriptive writing! Very creative!!

Thanks much! All the Misplaced Women in the Zoo are writers of a sort--it keeps us sharp.
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