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I didn't want any $&@!ing lemonade!

Posted by Samma, 06 June 2009 · 165 views

So, status update.

Den just got let go from her job. They weren't making enough money, and as the most recently hired, she was the first to go. This is a blow, yes, but not as bad as it could have been. Her paychecks were mostly helping us get out of debt, put money away for the wedding, and for a nice vacation. The downside to this is that means no new car for either of us, and no horse. This is disappointing to Morgan, since we both really wanted one.

On the Nino front, we're working on his manners more. The other day, he jumped while I was carrying his food bowl, and kibble went EVERYWHERE. Thus, before he gets his food, he has to sit and stay at least five feet away from the bowl before he's allowed to go over. We're also thinking about working with him to hunt rabbits, since it's legal in Kentucky to take rabbits with a hound in season. The biggest obstacle is going to be leash-training him. He pulls something fierce whenever we go out, and no matter what collar or harness we use, he's always half-choking himself. I'm going to try a pin collar, or a Gentle Leader if I can find one small enough for him, and take him up to the dog park for more training.

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