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Prepare for Boarding!

Posted by Samma, 29 May 2009 · 148 views

All of us girls (other than Den and I) met on a 2007 Transformers movie roleplay (for those that are older or don't game, that means we take on the role of a character, and write as said character) game. Now, two years later, it's time for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. This occasions a Party.

Yes, the capital "P" is needed.

We have opened ourselves for invasion. Currently, there's four women in the house, plus the Zoo. Now, for four days, we're opening our home to all the (Survival: Earth) forum members. Thus far, we have a lady from Virginia, an aquarist from Phoenix, a wildlife rehab specialist from Calgary, a lady from Michigan (she's my maid of honor, and I've known her for as long as I have Den), and potentially a gal and her boyfriend from Georgia.

In a two-bedroom apartment.

For four days.

Yes, we are in fact, utterly insane.

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