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SpongeBob Squarepants- My Favorite Show

Posted by Louie, 25 April 2009 · 224 views

So, I wanted to talk about my favorite tv show - SpongBob SquarePants. I spend a lot of time at home and when I'm not sleeping, I like to watch the show. As my owners say, it is wholesome family entertainment.

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Anyway, there was an episode on the other day and I wanted to talk about it. A character on the show is named Mrs. Puff. She is a blow fish and the driving instructor. SpongeBob can never get his license but at least she tries to help him. During this episode, the casual comment was made, "Where is Mr. Puff?" and then the screen cut away. Instead of being in a cartoon setting, it went to one of the live-reality screens. A hand reached across the screen and there was a lamp with a cord on it.

Without saying a word, the hand pulled the cord and the light clicked on. Mr. Puff had been made into a light! I was traumatized! Then the show returned to its normal cartoon self and continued. But all I could think about was poor Mr. Puff. He's now a light.

I still watch all of the SpongeBob shows whenever I can but that one episode has remained with me. Fish can be made into lights too? Cool!!!

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