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.:Roller Coaster Of Love:.

Posted by KisaMyLoveBug, 08 September 2008 · 380 views

It is definitely a roller coaster. I don't ever get angry or upset with Kisa. The first day we moved into this new house with my mom she asked me to put him in a cat kennel. Kisa could barely stand up in it. So whenever I put him in it, he would whine whine whine. I wasn't upset with him because he was obviously uncomfortable. But at the same time my mom told me that I am not allowed to let him sleep with me because this is a new house and she doesn't want anything on the floor. The funny thing is he has only had one accident in the kennel and that is because I didnt hear him whining because I fell asleep on the couch and the kennel is in my room. Oh yes he only had to sleep in the small kennel for one night. Then I told my mom that he whined all night and that I didn't sleep at all and she said I could put him in the kennel with Bella. He has only had one accident on the floor that was completely his fault. He didn't tell me at all that he had to go potty. Normally he whines or scraches at me. He has had 2 accidents other then the one that was his fault. That was because he had diahrea and literally pooed himself with no warning. I felt so bad for him. Speaking of him I need to pay some attention to him. The two are fighting and he keeps jumping off the back of my couch and then trying to chew on the wool I have hanging off of it.

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