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Picking Up Kisa

Posted by KisaMyLoveBug, 02 September 2008 · 219 views

This morning I got off my Greyhound bus and went to the bank and picked up the cash to pick up and buy my sweet boy. He was so excited to see me "K" has been picking him up with a smelly shirt of mine and as soon as I came in, he knocked down his brothers and sisters and got really excited like he knew I was mommy. It made me so happy. I picked him up and took him outside while "K" got together his papers and what not for me and a little bag of his current food so I could transition him. Things seemed to be going well until we got in the car and he quiet literally cried the whole way home. He had tears. His whine is sooooo sad. It's really low and sad. It made me cry because I got to spend the weekend with my fiance then had to take a bus home and I cried for a few hours. So I felt his pain. Anywho when I got him home he was sooo happy and playful and he loves just sitting in my lap. My moms dog can literally kick his little bum and it makes him pretty upset because he will submit to her and she just keeps biting and pouncing on him. So I usually have to pick him up and take him away from the situation. . . At which point he nuzzles into my chest and sighs. I love him so much. Yay!

:American Flag: Ashley

awww, congratulations on your new pups arrival. Can't wait to see pictures of him in the Photo Forum. Life as you knew it has changed 4ever....but in a good way. tongue.gif
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