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Who I Am.

Posted by KisaMyLoveBug, 29 August 2008 · 199 views

I am from California. I lived there until I was 8 years old, at which point my mother uprooted me and moved me to over 45 homes in 10 years as well as over 30 different schools. All of these places were either in Oregon or Idaho. When I turned 15 she decided to move back to California. Where I got into some really bad things. Luckily when I was 17 one of my family members offered to let me come live with her and train horses for Dressage. I had already been doing this from about 9 to 14. But was NEVER asked to train by myself. She trusted me and let me train and break horses and teach children how to ride. It was an amazing sense of responsibility that my mother NEVER gave me. Even though I followed her from state to state with no complaints or protest. I was a wonderful child. She has told me this. She thinks I'm incredibly disrespectful and manipulative now because my world is not centered on her. Which it was until I was 15 and no longer felt like my mother was protecting me like she should and lost a lot of respect for her because of it. Oh jumping back to a few months before my 17th birthday, the reason I was allowed to just leave California to come back to Idaho was because I had graduated at 16. On that note and my mother, she didn't even say congratulations or tell me how proud she was. I got my license and graduated at 16. Thins that she never did. (is it wrong of me to say that she is jealous of some of the things i've accomplished?) Any who after I trained horses all summer I decided that I wanted to serve my country. So I enlisted in the Coast Guard. I absolutely loved being there. But it was over before it even began. A few weeks into boot camp I was given a medical discharge for being to depressed. While in boot camp they give the females a series of pelvic exams and I was diagnosed with Pre-Cervical Cancer. The overwhelming emotions made me not want to do a damn thing. So they sent me home. Where I was able to get treatment for the Cancer and depression. This was in September that I was sent home. In December, one of my best friends in the whole entire world flew me to Hawaii after he got back from Iraq. I was head over heals for the guy and thought that he felt the same because he spent so much on bringing me there. To my dismay though, every few days he would have a new girl showing up. So one of his good friends offered to let me stay with him because yet again, I go depressed. I felt betrayed and hurt. So needless to say in a barracks full of guys that didn't get to drink for over a year, there was an abundance of alcohol. Now a 17 year old female in a male barracks for 2 weeks with lots of alcohol is a recipe for disaster on the soldiers part. Now before anyone thinks anything bad, no I did not spread myself around the barracks. I stayed with one guy the whole time. Who I conintued to date once I went state side again. A few months later he proposed to me and of course I said yes. I hated being around my mother and he seemed like such a great guy. Not to much older then me. He is 4 years older. Everything was amazing for about the first 6 months at which point he began to start drinking heavily and abusing me. So I left for a few months and came back and found out that he had also been cheating on me. We tried to work it out for a little bit longer. Then finally, we called it quits almost a year after our marriage. By the time we got me back to the states and figured things out, it was to late for an annulment. and now he is deployed so we get to wait even longer. Since then I have met an amazing man who I love because I love him not because I want to get away from my mom again. He thinks she treats my like poopoo but I know that, that is who she is and it will never change so i've come to terms with her. and that is pretty much where we are at today. . .

My Dogs
~Mr. Bo Jangles~
Bo was my first dog ever. I got him for my 6th birthday. He was an $800 pure-bred Shar-pei. He was an amazing dog. When I was little, he would sleep in bed with me and make me feel safe. When i was 8 and moved away, I had to leave him with my dad. My dad and I never had a good relationship because along with my ex, my father used to hit me as well. So the only time I would see Bo was when I would visit my grandparents, because that was where Bo lived. He died shortly before Christmas when i was 13. I did not find out till Christmas day when I asked how he was doing. I love you Bo. Rest well.

~Koko Puff~
Koko was my second dog. I got him for Christmas last year. I had to leave him in Idaho when I went to Hawaii due to pet quarantine. So I missed about 3 months of his life. Then we moved in with my room mates and that was when he started getting kicked. I have no idea who would want to kick such a sweet, loving, playful dog. Long story short, I only had him for 6 months.

~Blue Kisa~ (Kisa stands for Knight In Shining Armor)
I have already purchased Kisa & will be getting him in 5 days. I'm very excited. You will deffinately read many blogs about him. I'm sure most of them will be great some of them may be out of frustration because no puppy is perfect but I am not one of those people that would dare hit my dog for doing something wrong. So I would resort to blog rants. I believe in a firm "No", "growl" or grab by the scruff and growl and then leave it alone. (I've actually been told the grabbing the scruff oh their neck and growling briefly is a fairly good thing to do because that is how dogs let other dogs know that they are displeased with something, such as biting or jumping on them and barking.) Not sure if i'm going to do that or not simply because the IGs seem so much different then most breeds.

Thanks for reading!

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