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Posted by KisaMyLoveBug, 29 August 2008 · 201 views

:hug: I am sooo excited! I will be on a bus tonight to go see my Fiance (Tristan). Then! I get back on Tuesday and get to go pick up my Kisa! Yay. I get to bring my new puppy home! So so so Excited! I will take all sorts of pictures on my little vacation and then take tons more of Kisa. One more day till I see the man of my dreams and 5 more days till I get our "four legged son" as Tristan calls him. :wub: It is very cute, but very funny. He dislikes the idea of a small dog but loves him all the same because I love him and he is a dog person. He just wants a large dog, like a siberian husky. Which I want aswell but an Iggy is so much easier to have in a small area like an apartment or small house on base. I love going for walks so he will get plenty of those and I love playing with dogs. He will be one spoiled puppy. Lots of toys. Clothing. Treats. The best food. Sleep in bed with mommy and daddy. Tristan has his objection to that for a particular reason. I told him the dog doesn't have to be on the bed ALL the time. We can have our "alone" time aswell. haha.
Anyways I need to be on my way to the Greyhound (haha) station in about 7 hours and need to start getting ready. Shower, Lotion, Make-up, Hair Straightening, "Perfect Outfit". Just to have it all ruined on my 14 hours bus ride. I think I may wait till my 5 a.m. transfer in Portland to do the make-up part and possibly re-do my hair. And pray to God that I don't smell to bad after having to be cooped up for 14 hours. OOO yes i'm supposed to be getting ready. Bye Bye for now. I MAY write another entry this weekend if I get to come up for air. I'll be so busy and engrossed with Tristan. He is such a wonderful man and soldier. Yes yes. BYE!
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