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You've really gotta hold on me!

Posted by letumrun, 19 September 2008 · 249 views

So today was Sophie's annial exam. We transport in those hard plastic crates. Because she is so skiddish, I leave her in it until we are in the vets office and then I leash her. I open the door to th crate to put her lesh on, and as expected, he cowers to the back of the crate. I put her lead on, she hangs out in the back of the cate and I wait for our name to be called.

As the moments pass, Soph peeks her little head out, then her body and before I know it, her little paws were on my lap, scratching to be PICKED UP! What??? She actually wanted me to hold her. Uncertain about this I gently moved my hands towards her, sliding my hands under her arm pits. She flinched, licked her lips, but didn't fight it. I put her on my lap giving her the opportunity to jump down and back to her crate. She just sat there. AHHHH!!!! She really wanted to be there, ON MY LAP! What a fine day!!!

I started scratching her head, she loves scratches there, but it used to be always from an arms distance. Today it was in my arms, I nearly cried tears of joy. Then they called our name. I carried her to the scale and regretfully had to put her on the scale. 7.3 pounds. She is such a little thing.

We walked to the exam room and I gave her the sign to sit. She did. Huh??? You really know that one? At home she ignores it. I crouch down to give her a thumbs up and she climbs up on my lap. :American Flag: OMG The best day EVER. She really wants to be with me. I snuggle my face into her, giving kisses and signing the OK, sign.

The exam went well. She is healthy, needs a dental, but healthy. I feel bad that her feal led to our progress today, but she needed me today and knew she could trust me to protect her in a place that seemed scary.

My heart is full with this amazing feeling. I know I have done right with one of Gods creatures.

That is so sweet. She loves you....that's obvious. wink.gif
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