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Give peace a chance - Violence in other breeds

Posted by letumrun, 16 September 2008 · 184 views

I have been reading a lot about other breeds and the violent acts they have committed againt people and other creatures. I watched Dog Town and the reformation (?) of Michael Vicks Dogs and I have something to say.

Italian Greyhouds are the best breed ever!

I believe that certain breeds, like pit bills and rotties have characteristics in their nature, just as IGs do. Igs are quirky, fast, agile and hard to potty train. Pitt Bulls are also loyal, they are smart, strong and they have the innate ability to rip you to shreds. This power must be harnessed, and in the and in the hands of the wrong person or even a person who is lazy can be lethal.

A lazy IG owner will reap what he or she sows...you'll have to dish out the $$$ for new carpets after its been peed on over and over. People die after being attacked by a pit bull. It may be the owner, it may be a kid walking across the street.

All I know is I personally would never want that on my conscience, ever. After I watched dog town, I looked at these broken dogs. I saw their sad eyes, I longed to help, but I knew they could snap at any moment.

I'll rescue any iggy but I won't cross paths with a breed that has been raised to kill.

I don't know what the solution is for the population in general. These animals deserve rights. I just won't allow it to be at the expense of my family or fosters. Protect with a passion.

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