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Why worms?

Posted by letumrun, 13 September 2008 · 241 views

So whats the big incentive with worms? I don't think I've met a dog that isn't up for a good worm rubbin'. Today Maggie must have found her spot and she rubed all over! She was happy as could be, I didn't have the heart to stop her. She was in her element, she was in the zone.
Rubbing her head, then her neck then it progressed to the full body rub. Suddenly she was on her back rolling on the ground, squirming back and forth like she was the worm. LOL Silly girl. I don't think I have ever been that "in" to something, so focused, so involved and so intent.

So we just finished her bath. Maggie hates baths. I hope the worm rub was worth it. From the looks of it, I'd say so!

Nice to hear my dogs aren't the only ones that do this. It's so funny to see one do it, then one by one, they all go to the same spot on the ground and rub themselves in the dead worm or insect or a dead lizard that one of them has killed. They always seem to love it too.

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My dogs like to do a worm tag-team. One of them finds it, then rolls in it for a bit, then once I make them stop, the other one dives in and takes over. Mine also hate baths, but they don't seem to make the connection between worm rolling and baths... Oh well!! It must be in the Iggy handbook...
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The best is when they get one all wrapped around their collar like a beautiful pendant on a choker. Then, they come plop on the swing and look quite ticked off that gnats are surrounding them!
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