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The pretty, the petty and politics

Posted by letumrun, 10 September 2008 · 209 views

I have been volunteering for rescue for just over a year now. We have taken in a lot of dogs and sent many to happy forever homes. That makes me very proud. My husband has been a supporter of this volunteering, somedays with a happy smile, somedays sharing my tears, somedays slightly pissed we had seven dogs at the house :American Flag:

Each dog is so special and deserves the same care hat I would give my own dogs. They are afterall in my home, eating thesame food I give my dogs, sleeping with the same blankies, playing with the same toys, feeling the same love. But then rescue steps in and (yup, here comes the politics) makes life difficult. I had Jack here for 8 months, I could only get heart worm meds for him 2 at a time. That is 4 trips to the vet. I actually ended up giving him Maggies and never getting reimbursed. Its easier that way. I have other fosters, a husband and a toddler, a full time job, and a hundred other things to do. Why does rescue make it so difficult to foster?

Luckily the dogs make it all worth while. And when we can't fix a problem we add to the family. So maybe things are more simple than they appear?

So sorry that the politics of rescue has made it difficult for you. I have to give anyone involved with rescue tons of credit. I have only heard bits and pieces of how frustrating it can all be. Kudos to you for your determination to help your fosters.
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