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Its Maggie's Turn

Posted by letumrun, 09 September 2008 · 177 views

So our first is the last you are really getting to know. Not sure why I did it this way. I suppose Maggie has evolved SO much in her 12 years, I don't even know where to begin.
We bought Maggie at a pet shop in the mall. No lectures, I know. We've done a lot of good since then. Moving on. She was 6 weeks old and a spit fire! She had to have it her way all the time. She would get these bursts of energy and fly around the house. I wasn't sure her feet touched the ground. I learned a lot about Italian greyhounds in a short amount of time. We read, we talked to people, we did everything we could. People kept telling us a tired puppy was a good puppy. Maggie kept proving that there was no such thing as a tired puppy. :American Flag:

Se also proved that a dog sleeping in a human bed was fine, eating human food was fine, ice cream was her favorite, just like her daddy. Rides in the car and going to the park was as good as it got for Maggie. (Especially if it ended with a trip to the icecream parlor!) In the beginning years Maggie had a "room" not a crate. She hated her crate and we didn't force it. She would sit on the top of the couch and watch us walk to our car (We lived in a condo at the time) That would always break my heart.

As the years past, she grew calmer and we added Zoe. I think we waited too long to add another. Maggie was 5. She needed companionship sooner, IMO. She was spoiled beyond reproach by this time. Mags had HER bed, HER bowl, HER DAD, HER toys. She really gave Zoe a tough time. Over the years Maggie has accepted Zoe, Sophie and now the others as pack members but she always makes sure everyone knows who is incharge. A quick growl, or turn, a side line when someone comes near her bed, the message is clear: "I have lived a long life and I deserve these things...run along and play elsewhere."

Maggie is faithful and loves headscratches, she loves to hide under my childs bed at story time. Silly old girl. I guess she likes the plot better than the pictures :jump:

She will bark at the water bowl if the water is not fresh enough for her taste. I have to change it every in the AM at supper and before bed. Our ritual, her quirks. She loves our garden and loves the sun. She will sun her self for hours if we do not demand that she come inside. With our shoving her to the air-conditioning, she growls but complies. The grumpy old lady. Then she will plop herself on your lap with gratitude and love for headscratches as if to say "thanks - it was getting hot out there!"

One last thing about Maggie - I can't talk about Mags without mentioning her ball. Since she was a pup Maggie has played ball to the level that it is OCD. She will play until the pads of her feet hurt. You HAVE to end the game. She knows not when to say when. The "ball" is now a large piece of brown rubber, which she will not replace. We have tried dozens of other footballs, balls, round and oval objects. None will do. As I said before Maggie is faithful. When sh finds something good, she knows it. Just like we did 12 years ago. We stumbled upon Maggie, the sweetest little girl who grew up into the most graceful lady ever. We are so lucky to have her around. She keeps order, she keeps us on our toes, she keeps us laughing and she keeps us so in love wit her!

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