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So whats a hearing dog anyway

Posted by letumrun, 08 September 2008 · 152 views

I know I keep writing about Zoe. I have mentioned she is my heart dog. One can't begin to understand that although the love is the same for all of them - endless, boundless- there is something so special about Zoe.

I have mentioned we adopted Sophie a few years back, she is special in her own rite. She is deaf and spunky now, she was so afraid of everything years ago. Zoe helped her develop her 'tude. Zoe is her hearing dog.

I remember the day we brought Soph home, immediately, Sophie went submissive to both Mags and Zoe. I think this was all it took to impress my Zoe. (I think that was the last time Sophie showed any consideration to Zoe :American Flag:) From that day on, Zoe has been Sophie's constant companion alerting her to when it time to move, when it is time to rest, when it is time to potty. Although Soph knows ASL to a degree, she would never close her eyes unless she was sitting ON TOP of Zoe. And sweet little Zoe tolerates this all. Somehow Zoe knows Sophie needs this. Sophie walks on her, steps all over her, sits on her and sleeps on her. No other dogs would dare do what Sophie does to Zoe, ever. Zoe would never allow this behavior even from our Alpha, Maggie. In indeed would start a brouhaha. But from the Sophmiester it is par for the course and accepted with some degree of resolution of "This is how it has to be"

When we come home, Zoe is the first bark I hear. They are all up in their crates. Sophie's crate, naturally is right next to Zoe's. The very next bark is Sophie. Some how Zoe wakes Sophie to let her know we are home. When we enter the room, Zoe is always facing the door, expecting us. Sophie is facing Zoe barking in her direction. Zoe waiting for us, Sophie waiting for her best friend.

So evidently, a hearing dog is who your world revolves around and who responds with kindness and love all the time. I wish everyone had a hearing dog.

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