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More on Zoe

Posted by letumrun, 05 September 2008 · 240 views

Zoe is a mystery sometimes. Her beginning was most difficult. As I adopted her through rescue, what I know I sketchy. I am certain the ASPCA and a court case was involved. I know she had a broken leg and it had to heal before she became ours. She was in foster care for a very long time. When we brought her home she was very afraid. It took months for her to trust us, but eventually she did.
She was afraid of all strangers and to this day loaths walking on a lead. She is stubborn and will dig her heals in. She would rather bleed than walk. During our "walks" Maggie will trot around the neighborhood, Sohie will zoom from one side of the sidewalk to the other and Zoe will sit comfortable in my arms sniffing the air. :jump:

Upon the birth of my child, Zoe changed, she was no longer afraid of everything. She became more of a warning system for the house. A passer by on the sidewalk - Zoe lets us know. A squirrel on the front porch - Zoe lets us know, A deer in the back yard - Zoe lets us now. And if the unbelievable should happen - a person other than DH, my child or myself should enter the home, Zoe lets the entire neighborhood know!!! :American Flag:

I have seen a huge man with his back to a wall because of Zoe. He was doing some work in our house, I was at my kitchen sink, my child was in the next room he walked between us. Zoe went after him like he was the devil. The poor guy looked so frightened as if this 9 pound dog going to really hurt him. :wub:
As I called for Zoe and told her it was OK, she settled down, Just as she always does, I actually felt blessed to know someone loves me and my child enough to battle someone 20 times her own weight thinking there might be a reason to. Talk about heart.

Zoe is one of those dogs that is a constant alarm, but has never been violent, she has never hurt anyone. I know she trusts our little word in our home and I am glad I can give her that peace of mind. I also am grateful that she has given me peace of mind. I trust her to alarm me to anything unusual I should know about, be it a bird too close to the house or a stranger walking up my driveway.

I am very glad to hear that Zoe has found her purpose in life!! How great it must feel for you to take this shy, vulnerable little girl, and change her into a big bully!! laugh.gif Zoe must really enjoy her life now, thanks to you. What another great story!!
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I'll tell you, my 5 girls are better than the Alarm system I have in my house. About 2 years ago, when I was home alone, laying on the couch watching TV with the dogs soundly asleep under my blanket....about 11 PM. all 5 of them bolted from under the blanket barking and growling like there was no tomorrow. I leaned over the back of the couch to look down the hallway to my glass front door, where all the lights were on outside. I didn't see anything...it took about 10 minutes of the dogs charging the door before they settled down. In the morning I went outsided to get the paper and went to the front door. There was a big chunk of wood that had been pryed out by the deadbolt...someone had used a pry bar to try to pop the lock open. Just so happens my neighbor is a sherriff and I got him to check it out. She send a team over to fingerprint my door.

I never complain when my dogs alarm me no matter what time of the night it is. They will frequently all wake up barking at all hours if they hear a car door open, etc. I know they are doing their job to protect my and their house.

Your little girl is protecting her family and her house...size doesn't matter....that's her job now becasue she loves you all.
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Meg, it's nice to read about your girls and the stories of their lives. I'd not got to know you and them in this closer way.
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