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Holy guacamole batman!

Posted by letumrun, 03 September 2008 · 181 views

My deaf girl Sophie is an itty bitty. Eight pounds to be exact. She is a firecracker in every way. When we first adopted her she was afraid of everything (That is how she got her name for weeks she wouldn't come out from behind the Sofa, so we just started calling her Sophie - her real name was Molly, being deaf we knew she wouldn't notice the difference :American Flag: )

So over the past year or so Sophie has broken out of her shell in a big way. It started with her trusting Zoe (Zoe is her best bud and her "hearing dog) it progressed to bumping us from behind, then from the front, months later she was sleeping under the covers with us and then resting her head on us, more recently asking for scratches on her head and ears.

Today she initiated play!!! She crouched down, ears back butt up and came running with a stuffie! :jump: I tried to maintain composure, I didn't want to freak her out. If I got up I knew she would run away, if I extended my arm too fast game over, too slow would she lose interset? All this ran through my head in the few seconds it took for her to run over. She came, she dropped Mr. Elephant and she defuzzed him right there infront of me, tail waggin the entire time. hen she was done, she barked at me proudly, pawed at my hand (This is her signal to let me know she is ready for scratches) she basked in the glory of defeating the fuzzy little elephant and enjoyed a good allover body rub, then plopped her little body down in the sun.

It was a very good day indeed.

Aww, this post really made me smile. I can truely picture it all... what a great day for her indeed!! She sounds like she is going to be a great companion. You are doing a great job with her to have her progress like that so quickly. Keep us updated, I like stories like these!! smile.gif
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Yeah for Miss Sophie. thumbs.gif I also love stories like this. It shows how love and patience can go such a long way in changing a dogs life. Of course her inability to hear must make everything harder for her.
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