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Trying to get a grip

Posted by letumrun, 02 September 2008 · 269 views

When a long time foster leaves, one like Jack, I struggle. DH struggles, my child notices the change, the pack changes. This morning was weird, tears were shed, the pack was on edge, my child was quiet. Everyone notices the void but won't talk about it. We keep looking to the sink, to the counter, his empty crate behind me, I forgot to pack his little "Super Star" t- shirt as it sits next to me on the desk. No other foster will be the super star Jack was. I'll have to mail it to his mom.

I know in time as more fosters come in and his crate is used over and over, more pawprints will fill my heart. I've had long term fosters before I've loved them all. Knowing they are going to a great home makes this so easy, loving them so, makes it so hard.

How do I shed tears of joy for them and sorrow for me at the same time. Jack will live like a king for the rest of his life with out the confusiosn of who is is "pack" or who is coming or going today. He always took it so hard when a foster left, he had so much love in that little 12 pound body.

Jack, today's blog is for you. You are why I foster. I have the chance to meet amazing igs like you and love you and be loved by you. Then I get to send you home with some of the best people ever. I gave you a lot over the last 8 months... So give me a moment to be selfish, for a little while I'm gonne miss you bad. I'm gonna cry, I'm even going to think I should have adopted you. We all know with each one we let go to a forever home, we make room for another one in need, and there are so many in need. That is my tribute to you, you would not have it any other way. Have fun little man, enjoy your little sister and your new mom. They are both great and know you are loved by many.

ok, Meghan..that brought a few tears to my eye. sosad.gif These wonderful dogs are so lucky to have people like you to show them the love they hadn't gotten before. It must be hard to explain it all to a 4 year old. The lessons she learns from showing compassion to animals will make her a more compassionate adult to her fellow human beings. I have seen this with my own 3 daughters as they have grown, matured and are now adults. They have always shared my love of animals, dogs in particular.

I may not be able to Foster, but I have offered up my services in south Florida, anytime an IG is in need of being transported to a Rescue Rep. further north of me. I've even started to look at local animal control sites to see if any IG's are there. I saw two Papillons last night on the PB Animal Care and Control website and notified the Fl Rescue Rep for that breed...just so they know. Helping in small ways is the least I can do.

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It must be very hard to foster these animals. I am sure I could never do it, I would want them all to stay. I can imagine your feelings for Jack and how it feels to have him gone. I'm sure that time will heal this hole in your heart, but I am sorry it has to hurt right now. Thank you for fostering him, I am sure he thanks you too.
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