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My girls and the garden

Posted by letumrun, 01 September 2008 · 252 views

We have a garden, three raised beds. Chock full of tomatoes of four varieties, zucchini, melons, cucumber, fennel,(which the bunnies feel is their personal treat so we have not tried it this year), and eggplant and many herbs . As we have a fenced yard(6foot) to keep out the deer. (Who are fond of our area and do not fear our dogs in the slightest) we do not fence our garden.

We have been noticing that the crop is not as hefty as usual. We have been noticing that there is a trail of tomatoes leading back to the house half eaten, we've noticed Maggie lingering back by the garden all too often. My goodness. She is our thief! She has deciphered that she prefers the cherry tomatoes better than plum or the larger varieties, sweeter, and easier to eat. then she may nibble on some herbs: tomato and basil salad anyone :American Flag:

Her culinary taste is too funny!

She has tried to go for the cucumber but they are too prickly. I think she got an ouchie or two and learned to stay away. The melon are just maturing. and Zucchini and Eggplant I think smell better cooked.

She is starting to linger around the fig tree, they are big but they are not ripe yet. They must smell good to her though. Hmmmm. I hope she doesn’t start to get into those. We’ll have to keep a watchful eye for that. She have potty issues for days.

Mags is a smart one, the other girls follow her, Zoe can't quite figure out how she does it. She takes her scraps and is satisfied with that. Sophie thinks they are out there for the journey. She sniffs and plays walks though the garden not thinking about food one bit. She too has shown some interest in the fig tree though. Sweeter smelling. Maybe Sophie has a sweet tooth. Not into the veggie scene. LOL

That is to funny. I'm a little worried about my little guy. We will be staying at my Mother's house for 2 weeks before I go off to live in Ohio with my Fiance's family. But at my mother's there is nothing to get into. I'm worried because he MIGHT learn to go potty outside when I take him and may just say "forget it" once I move him across country. Anywho that is totally off topic. Sorry about that. But it is just to funny and cute about your girls.

American Flag.gif Ashley
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You better watch out....your pack may all become Vegans wink.gif
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