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New additions

Posted by letumrun, 28 August 2008 · 230 views

So today started out as any ordinary day. How did it end with 6 IGs creating a ruckus behind me?

As you know I started with four. Maggie, Zoe, Sophie and Foster Jack. The call came last night that I was to head down to a temporary place and pick up these two. Rudy, a spunky goofy handful of a boy. He is 1 and a half. Its been so long since I've had a young one in the house. The energy level is astounding! He was so happy to run around the back yard when we got here, I thought he would never stop. Round and round he went. He did laps for over an half an hour.
Jack and Rudy made quick friends and now are battling it out to see who is the man of the house. All in all the two are good for each other if they tire each other out. (Thats how I see it anyway!)
Then we have special Sophia. A big blind girl who is about 7. She is 22 pounds and although she can't see herself in the mirror, I think she can tell she can stand to lose a few pounds. :American Flag: Its been very strange walking her around on the lead trying to get her acclimated to the house. We have steps that go out to the patio and every step I keep telling her "Step", "Step" Unfortunately, DH must hear this muffled inside and he keeps calling "What?!?" It must sound like "Kev, Kev" By the end of this foster experience someone will be crazy :jump:

Maggie, Zoe and Sophie are chillin' as usual. Mags hasn't really taking a liking to Sophia. But in her defense, Sophia is getting an awful lot of attention. I really don't want her falling down any steps.

So at this point in our home we have Sophie the deaf dog, Sophia the blind Dog, What does rescue have in store for me next?!?

Awww that is so sweet that you foster like that. I don't think I could do it. I don't know though. Kisa is my first IG and many people say that he will mistify me. smile.gif

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