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Today's fun

Posted by letumrun, 27 August 2008 · 226 views

Well today was fun in an iggy kind of way. We have a yard and a fence and fresh air. Thats all you really need when your an IG. To add to the fun we brought out some balls for fetching.
Maggie has had the same ball since she was a puppy. Now it is a large piece of brown rubber - she is in love with it. We admit its OCD. She won't play with anything else. Say it with me Maggie. "I have a problem..."

Foster Jack on the otherhand, doesn't need anything specific to chase as long as he is chasing something. Butterflies, leaves, balls, squirrles, birds. Hasn't won a chase with a living creature yet, but he is determined. He once had a run in with a tree. He lost that battle too. Poor guy.

Sophie the sweet girl loves to give Jack a good distraction. Thats her good time for today. He started chasing down a butterfly. Sophie, quite certain she was far more attractive than anything with wings started nipping at his tail. Then the chase was really on. Jack and Sophie are the cutest couple. Today things were very good. Other days, they are like two grumpy old men.

Zoe, my little love dog, sits. Her fun afternoon consists of basking in the shade. Her fur is exceptionally thick, not sure why. Possibly due to the fact she was from a BYB in NJ that never gave the dogs shelter in the winter which resulted inthe dogs being taken by the ASPCA? Maybe she developed the ability to grow a thick coat? But heat gets to her, so a sunny afternoon watching the world go by is the perfect afternoon for my girl Zoe.
(Is there any reason to question why she is a girl after my own heart?!?)

So this is my first blog entry. We got a call that tomorrow I go an pick up two more fosters, so we will have plenty more material to write about. I hope I am doing this right.

Yes..you did it right!!! My girls love it outside. I spread a sheet on the lawn and put a large bowl of ice cubes out with a little water in it. They all love ice cubes. I applaud all those who foster this wonderful breed....THANK YOU !!
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I really enjoy reading about your rescue work. It's a wonderful thing that you are doing for these IGs in need. thumbsup.gif
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You should post the pictures of your rescues in the Rescue Forum so we can all see them and hear their stories.
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