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Posted by letumrun, 02 November 2008 · 382 views

When we adopted Pneumo we knew his health was not the best. His breathing is gettin worse and worse and he relies on his inhaler more and more these days. He is up to using his rescue inhaler 3 or 4 times a day now. I hate to hear him struggle and our vet told us if it helps use it to help make him comfortable. We use it as frequently as he needs it. The poor guy struggles, and it is hard to watch him sometimes. Today we went for a walk and he went to the end of our driveway and across the street. His breathing became so belabored, I carried him for a while and then returned home. I see that paniced look in his eyes, I try to hold him close without putting pressure on his chest. It is so strange how another creatures struggle can become your own.
HE has had a rough few days, we have all had a very rough few days. Yet through his troubles he is mischevious as ever. Trying to get into the halloween candy, always at the kitchen table looking for scaps, scowering the yard to see what is around for him to eat (The prednisone keeps him famished at all times)
There is not a day that goes by that Pneumo doesn't make us laugh out loud with one of his antics and make me cry with his struggle. Gosh I love this dog!

I so wish I could grant you his health restored. It's just awesome that he has your family to love him at this time Meg. All our good wishes go to him for a much longer life.
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