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Pneumo - our addition

Posted by letumrun, 28 September 2008 · 350 views

I didn't think we would add another until the unthinkable happened. Then came Pneumo. Happy, trouble, goofy and struggling in his own way. His undefeated spirit despite his hardship is a beacon to me. I hear him in the mornings struggling, then I see him - tail waggin happy to see me and Kevin. When he has a bad night, he lets us know by jumping in to bed with us. He seeks out comfort and a place to rest his head. I think to my self, how many of us seek out a place to be alone when we are most vunerable and struggling? Not my boy. He wants lovin'. I take a lesson from him. This was a very bad week for me.

My father is ill and his condition worsens, he was diagnosed with Pneumonia. For somone with Multple System Atrophy that is catastrophic. He may not recover. My initial repsonse - retreat. My lesson from Pneumo, rest my weary head on mt husbands shoulder and let my self breathe deeply until the pain stops, even if it is for a short while.

I speak freely of my fathers illness to raise awareness of his disease. He is aware that I spead word of his condition and I hope anyone that reads this would look into what MSA is and how it effects families. He gives me his blessing to write about his illness and more so that it has no research being done right now as it is a very rare disorder. Pneumo's lesson to dad - when you are tired - rest.

The bad news continues with other family members, a close family member was diagnosed with MS. This was a devistating blow. My mind races and my heart breaks for this young couple dealing with this news. They will be celebrating their fist anniversary tomorrow. My love for them is strong, but I feel so helpless. They are in a web of tests and confusion. Pneumo's lesson to them - live each day with your tail wagging for as long as you can.

Pneumo has been an inspiration to me as you can see, so of course, he belongs here. This is his home. I hope it will be his home for a very long time, although I doubt that will be the case. BUT for as longas that is I promise he will be happy and comfortable and loved beyond reason and he will know this with every belabored breath he takes.

Meg, I wish I had comforting words about your Dad. It's so hard to see them decline and all the maladies that come with it. I'm happy Pneumo can bring you some sense of reason.
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Meg, thoughts and prays to you and your family. My Dad passed almost 2 years ago from illness...he was my mentor and I think about him every day. My little dogs have helped me so much in keeping the joy in my life...they always make me laugh. These little dogs are an inspiration with their strength.
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