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Late night

Posted by Dunn13, 20 December 2007 · 295 views

Last night mommy took Kas and me to see our friend Murphy. She dressed us up in these sweaters that I dont really like, and Kasia tells me she thinks she looks silly in it. But anyway, we were going to visit a friend! Murph is a black dog with big pointy ears and a long tail (mom said something about a Basenji mix, but we aren't sure what that means). She is fun to wrestle with and we even snuggled with her for awhile last night while mommy played monopoly. When we got ready to leave, mommy noticed we had gone potty on the bathmat in Murphy's house. Mommy was not happy. But we really had to go and couldnt find out pad at Murphy's house. But we didnt just go on the bathmat; we accidentally went on some of mommy's friend's clothes. Mommy was REALLY mad about that, but her friend just put them into a big white thing and said it was fine. There was a little yelling, and Murphy thought we were mad at her, but I think mommy was just mad at us. We had to sleep in our crate last night, but we aren't sure why. At least she finally took those sweaters off us before bed.
Thats all from here for now. Mommy is busy running around the house today and even brought big black thing that has wheels and a handle and she is putting her clothes and shoes in it. I am not sure what that means, but I dont see any dog stuff going in there. I'll keep you posted on that.

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