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Bad day in the Dunn house...

Posted by Dunn13, 10 December 2007 · 332 views

Geesh, those humans can be so uptight about things. Mommy woke up this morning and apparently she had overslept for some meeting. She was so mad because she realized we didnt have something called power...I asked Kasia what it was, but she just told me to quit worrying and come back to bed. Mommy was really worried though and started talking into her phone at a lot of people, and I think she even yelled at someone once. Well, it was a little chilly in our house and I had to do my usual morning poo. But it was really dark and I had to go REALLY bad, and I pooed on the carpet by the kitchen tile (that tile is cold on a dogs paws). Mommy came down a few minutes later and almost stepped in it...then she yelled sometime about knowing where to go. I just ran back upstairs to bed. Kasia was still asleep under the covers. I think mommy must have not been too mad at me though because then she started talking to someone else on the phone about this power thing (I will be glad when she gets it taken care of). Apparently this power thing really ruined her plans for the day, because she was pretty mad at any of the strange men who came by the house. But we got to nap with her all day so that made us happy. Then for dinner we got a little chicken strip treat from some things mommy made for dinner...it was really loud and poppy in the pan, but the chicken tasted yummy. Anyway, today has been a pretty stressful day for Mommy, but we tried to make her happy by laying in her lap all day. I'll let you know how she is doing later after she finishes something called finals!? Humans have the weirdest words....

Hi Mobes...it's your Florida sisters chiming in about these crazy human Moms. We tell our Mom to take a chill pill when she gets upset, but for some reason she doesn't hear us. So, we just go into our room and stay out of her way until she calms down. Of course, she is never angry with us, her little angels. It's always something caused by other humans. Don't worry Mobes, your Mom is not mad at you. People always get upset when the "power" goes out and they can't cook, do laundry or put the heat on when it's cold outside. And, don't worry about your little accident...a little poop never hurt anyone...it's only natural! Hugs and kisses from Karma, Lexi, Deja, Stella and Zoey
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