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the Color Pups

Wet Sweaters

Posted by ColorificIG, 08 December 2007 - - - - - - · 222 views
Mom's Blurbs...
How is it that my boys managed to go on one potty trip and soiled their sweaters?  Boys will be boys I suppose, but when do they learn to aim so that they don't get everything wet (including their legs) when going potty?  Yikes! :innocent:

Snow Days

Posted by ColorificIG, 06 December 2007 - - - - - - · 180 views
Grigio Gossip
:blink:  Grigio here...

It's about 5:30 and mom has finally let us return inside
.  Outside is awful.  The white stuff came down in what they call a dusting.  HAHA.  If it were, would they have closed the schools?  That so-called powder is not cool.   My feet are cold and my nose...

Colder Days A'comin'

Posted by ColorificIG, 27 November 2007 - - - - - - · 203 views
Grigio Gossip
Somebody shoulda mentioned that its cold out here in Virginia!  I mean, the weather switched from sunny and mild temperatures to 40 degrees and rainy almost overnight.  Some days there is no rain, but the frigid temps still leave my teeth chattering.

Last weekend, Mom acts like this is normal  :innocent:  and proceeds to...


Posted by ColorificIG, 24 November 2007 - - - - - - · 182 views
Nero knows
We've finally done it, Grigio and I.  We have mom trained to be up by 5:15 every morning for a romp around the yard.  It is then that I, Nero the Great, begin my Mariah Carey rendition of "Someday" to beckon mom from her slumber.  I mean really, there is no such thing as a day off where we're concerned!  Gri often chimes in...

Collar catastrophes

Posted by ColorificIG, 23 October 2007 - - - - - - · 190 views
Mom's Blurbs...
I've bought yet another set of collars for my boys... the first one Nero had was bedazzled and downright "perdy".  Grigio didn't get one right away, seeing as he helped annihilate Nero's in a rousing game of roll and attack.  

The second set of collars, which both Igs...

Momma's Gonna Kill You...

Posted by ColorificIG, 18 October 2007 - - - - - - · 192 views
Grigio Gossip

Dorado the defiant one was visiting us yesterday, and she is bad news.  She is notorious for flipping over the trashcan, tearing out food left overs, and taking off.  And unfortunately, I "Grigio the Innocent" am often left to check for remnants at the bag - - where Mom has by this time heard the fallen can and come to...

my brother is nuts

Posted by ColorificIG, 14 October 2007 - - - - - - · 288 views
Nero knows
Mom thinks I'm the dominant one of her three "color boys."  I, Nero the terrifying, disagree.  

I get picked on because of my size.  Or at least I would if I didn't take the offense role in our playtime. I'm pretty fast with my nip and run tactics.  And I prefer the attack from above while Grigio cowers...

Welcome to the neighborhood

Posted by ColorificIG, 07 October 2007 - - - - - - · 233 views
Grigio Gossip
Grigio again...

I'm still getting used to my new home in Virginia.  

First, there are stairs - three flights of them to get to Mom's room!  Last week, I wasn't too eager to attempt them.  Looking up, I saw about 100 steps.  Mom set me down on the first one and trotted up the stairs.  Nero...

My Turn

Posted by ColorificIG, 06 October 2007 - - - - - - · 211 views
Grigio Gossip
:dribble: Grigio here, and I'd like to set the record straight.

Mom's got it all wrong.  I KNOW how to use the potty, and I KNOW where.  She just doesn't get it.  

I want to be unrestricted.  

I want the dew wet grass between my toes.  


The Untraining...

Posted by ColorificIG, 05 October 2007 - - - - - - · 182 views
Mom's Blurbs...
Nero likes to dominate.  Yes, the littlest guy in the house is 100 percent in charge.  He eats first.  He marks every litterbox before anyone else can get to the newly changed papers.  And he does every dominance move except standing atop the one he's ruling over (because he can't).

Poor Grigio...

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