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Posted by ColorificIG, 24 November 2007 · 170 views

Nero knows
We've finally done it, Grigio and I. We have mom trained to be up by 5:15 every morning for a romp around the yard. It is then that I, Nero the Great, begin my Mariah Carey rendition of "Someday" to beckon mom from her slumber. I mean really, there is no such thing as a day off where we're concerned! Gri often chimes in with the melody, but his voice is not as lovely as my high range octave experience.

And boy is mom trained, she gathers our Martingale leash and collars and waits by the back door for us to accept them and prance outside.

Personally, I like when she lets my leash go and wanders of with Gri so I have some privacy. I always go to the door when I'm finished - - especially on the bitterly windy days that make my legs wobble with shivers and my ears blow in different directions.

On some mornings, Zeus prances by us and I acknowledge him with a beautifully shrill bark. He needs to know this is my domain - my yard, my mom, my home sweet home. Yesterday, I ran to Hercules, but he didn't want to play with me and his mom was not at all happy that I asked.

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