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Collar catastrophes

Posted by ColorificIG, 23 October 2007 · 179 views

Mom's Blurbs...
I've bought yet another set of collars for my boys... the first one Nero had was bedazzled and downright "perdy". Grigio didn't get one right away, seeing as he helped annihilate Nero's in a rousing game of roll and attack.

The second set of collars, which both Igs received, were exclusively designed for little pooches. Luxury, right? Those cute Martingale collars barely stood up to a week's worth of play before Nero's spilt in two and his name ID landed in the sparsely sodded dirt of our backyard. Grigio's made it a little longer, but met the same fate. :innocent:

So... now we have the thick collars I see so many IGs in the gallery wearing. But I don't keep them on my boys (except Bleu, because he has his own room in the house away from my fiesty fellas). Grigio's name plate is a huge red heart and Nero's is a petite gold circle - - and when the two are doning their new neckwear, they're quite a handsome sight. It's so rare, however, that I put them on (like our semi weekly excursion to Mom's big yard or to PetsMart or PetCo).

For our trips to the restroom, we use the "made especially for Greyhound No-Slip" collars pre attached to separate leashes and strategically placed at the back door. I can't wait until homeowners approves our fence.

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