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Momma's Gonna Kill You...

Posted by ColorificIG, 18 October 2007 · 180 views

Grigio Gossip

Dorado the defiant one was visiting us yesterday, and she is bad news. She is notorious for flipping over the trashcan, tearing out food left overs, and taking off. And unfortunately, I "Grigio the Innocent" am often left to check for remnants at the bag - - where Mom has by this time heard the fallen can and come to check on us. So there I am, nose buried in coffee grinds (yuck) and food a little past its prime, with no excuse. So I cower and give her dough eyes and hope she'll ignore my obvious guilt in favor of the real culprit.

Well... as I said, Dorado came to visit us. And she got me in trouble. Mom has these human mouse traps all over the house (ever since Laura let go of Sharla the mouse and watched it scurry under the refrigerator). Each one has a different enticement: peanut butter, cheddar cheese, nuts. And I tell you they are tempting me every time I walk past the cabinet, or Laura's trash bin, or my food container. But I resist. Dorado took one whiff, and next thing I know the cheese is gone. Then, I (who is still a bit slow on the steal and run tactics) got ahold of the trap and sat gnawing at it under the glass table. I think Mom knew it wasn't us, as the traps had been safe for two days before Dorado arrived.

So, I didn't get any cheese, we usually don't get the leftovers Dorado fishes out of the trash, and we're always the ones caught in the act because we linger too long.

It's just not fair...

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