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my brother is nuts

Posted by ColorificIG, 14 October 2007 · 277 views

Nero knows
Mom thinks I'm the dominant one of her three "color boys." I, Nero the terrifying, disagree.

I get picked on because of my size. Or at least I would if I didn't take the offense role in our playtime. I'm pretty fast with my nip and run tactics. And I prefer the attack from above while Grigio cowers below me in fear.

On another subject, I think I'm radioactive. I've seen the scrapbook mom has created, and I'm NEVER in focus. Either I'm too fast for her shutter, or I'm just that electrifying that film - print or digital - cannot contain me. I think it's cool, 'cause everyone else will be in focus and I alone am a blur.

Because I got this "pee pad" down, I've selected Bleu's room as my locale of choice. I can clear that obstacle with the circle climbing holes in about two steps. Takes me like 20 seconds to get out - - although I usually wait for mom to leave for work before I get out and roam the house. I can get back in to potty, so she was non-the-wiser until she caught me on the stairs after school. I knew I should've gone to visit Bleu again sooner!

Now I started this with every intention of talking about Grigio. He's C-R-A-Z-Y! First, he hates his leash... personally, if that's what is necessary to get outside and wander the neighborhood, I'll wear it. Mom trots along wherever I lead anyway. Grigio, though, becomes a little marionette - he twists and turns and jumps around at random. Really, it destroys my walking groove with Mom. Maybe one of these days he'll chill out. :innocent:

Second, Grigio attacks anything fuzzy. He shreds my pee pads, he gnaws at our big pillow, and he tosses my blankets around. It's weird! :dribble:

And third, Grigio likes to sit on Mom's lap - - takes up the whole thing! He jumps straight up from the floor without an invitation and relaxes like it was nothing. Then he sits there forever and is lavished with caresses. I admit it, I'm jealous, but Mom accepts whoever gets to her first and gives them all the love she can before accepting anyone new...

Loved reading your Blog, Rachelle. wink.gif
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