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Welcome to the neighborhood

Posted by ColorificIG, 07 October 2007 · 221 views

Grigio Gossip
Grigio again...

I'm still getting used to my new home in Virginia.

First, there are stairs - three flights of them to get to Mom's room! Last week, I wasn't too eager to attempt them. Looking up, I saw about 100 steps. Mom set me down on the first one and trotted up the stairs. Nero followed close behind like some sort of expert stair climber. I swear he must go to the gym with her! And there I was, on step number one. I set my front feet on the second step... but the back feet didn't want to follow, so I called Mom. She peeked around a column, but didn't rescue me. I moved my front feet again, which left me stretched out, but still on the first step. Mom stifled a snicker, and called me. So I hollered back at her for help, but she refused to come closer for another five minutes. Then, she lifted me into her arms (where I'd rather be anyway) and took me to the family room.

I get the stairs now, and like Nero, I can run up them, bounce down them, and stop mid chase on them. I can also bound across Mom's couch and free myself from the baby gate that keeps Bleu in his room. No obstacle can stop me now!

I especially like sitting in Mom's room where I can lay on the carpet and look out the window at the constant construction and can guard my kingdom from the hundreds of neighborhood friends that walk their humans around all day. The construction people have these big machines that pick up dirt, drop it, and smooth it out. They also have loud toys that bang and pop. And the future friends? I've seen the Rott, the Great Danes, the Shepards, and a host of others that make their way down the street. On my block, there's Zeus, the miniature pincher. There's Hercules, the pug. There's a frisky little mop across the street - - she's a cutie, but her Mom keeps her inside all the time. I could spend hours watching the passersby!

I'm taking charge of my brothers now. No more shy guy stigma for me. I'll growl and bark my concerns and commands. I'll stake claim on my yummy flip chew and keep it from Bleu (the thief). I'll initiate a good chase around the furniture-free family room. Even though Mom wants furniture, I love the huge open place to run and play.

At this point, the verdict is in, I'm home and I like it.

Hey Rachelle,
I love your blog! It is cute and funny and a wonderful way to keep in touch with the pups as they grow cool.gif

Glad to hear Griego is settling in well, and love his little updates!

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