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The Untraining...

Posted by ColorificIG, 05 October 2007 · 171 views

Mom's Blurbs...
Nero likes to dominate. Yes, the littlest guy in the house is 100 percent in charge. He eats first. He marks every litterbox before anyone else can get to the newly changed papers. And he does every dominance move except standing atop the one he's ruling over (because he can't).

Poor Grigio isn't quite sure what to make of his brother. He has taken to pouncing on his dinners while Nero is preoccupied elsewhere. Of course, that means the dry food flies across the kitchen floor and is a little harder to locate and eat... but he does it anyway. I suspect he figures that if chow is spread out, Nero can't try to claim it all - - just a kibble at a time.

And though he likely was litterbox trained for the last few months, Grigio has decided it is disrespectful to use the same box as his brother with the Napolean complex. Instead, he searches for a private local somewhere else - - which unfortunately for me is usually the rug in my dinning room. He's smart though, he waits until I am not looking to do his business in private...

I wonder, if I get a twin litterbox for the ones I have now and label them, will Grigio read it and revert to his preliminary training?

I let the two out on our balcony for the first time yesterday, and Grigio "the calm" found himself a slightly shaded spot to stretch out on. Nero, on the other hand, pranced around the fencing surveying the neighborhood and barking at construction workers building the new houses behind us. Grigio has **never** barked, although he likes to growl during playtime.

On leashes, Nero wanders around like he owns the world. He greets other dogs at the pet store, and he happily walks along. Grigio isn't familiar with the restraint, so he goes into ICE MODE. He doesn't mind the collar... it's the leash and the great outdoors he fears. But let him off the leash (and let LauraChioma open the garage door) and Grigio is off to explore in freedom - - the only way he travels.

At night, Grigio is my snuggler, my earmuffs. He likes to wander sometimes, and takes visits to the windows where he pushes back the curtains and looks out toward the street lights. Nero is the cover diver - slipping into the comforter and sheets and staying inside his cocoon until morning. If I move, Grigio will sit on top of still-sleeping LauraChioma until he feels it is a suitable hour to get up. And Nero stays in his cocoon...

They're quite the pair of opposites. And Bleu, the dachshund, doesn't know what to make of either one, though he tries his hardest to keep up in their games of chase.

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