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Nero welcomes Grigio

Posted by ColorificIG, 04 October 2007 · 201 views

Mom's Blurbs...
Nero's been at home with us since he was just 8 weeks old. Then, he arrived with a roar into the Washington Reagan Airport. Yes, he roars! So much so that the attendant at "baggage claim" called me on the cell to rescue him from Nero's songs. The poor man even met me at the arrival line and delivered Nero curbside with a signature and a "we don't usually do this, but..."

Frankly, I think the roaring song is adorable... especially when my African Grey (Sterling) provides the backup and I get the duet version. :innocent:

Anyway, this was a welcome home Grigio story...

I was expecting a similar introduction when Grigio's flight came in, so I tried to beat the plane's landing and had my mother circle the airport until I picked the little one up. This time I walked into the customer service area (or rather, was led there by a simpler, softer song). When I walked into baggage claim, I heard a little whimper amongst a dozen or so boxes on the conveyer. Clearly, he was the best package of the bunch. There he was, looking out from his carrier and waiting for a friendly face to say hello. Of course, I had to stop and cuddle poor Grigio through his travel carrier before I claimed him. I had to wait for what seemed like forever for the attendant to let me take him home. It's hard to do when suddenly the cute little guy I've been looking at on a website for months is standing in front of me!

Nero spent a good hour trying unsuccessfully to rouse Grigio into a chase... he barked and barked at him, jumped forward and back just close enough to tease, and whimpered when his efforts failed. After such a long trip away from familiarity, who can blame him? Grigio was most interested in human attention, and positioned himself in my lap for the remainder of the night. Nero, feeling a bit slighted, tried his best to sleep on top of Grigio having claimed the spot on my hair/pillow and shoulder as his own. Needless to say, it was quite an odd homecoming.

It's funny that they're the same size and build and LauraChioma thinks they're twins. The next morning, Grigio was up for a short play date and the boys spent a half hour tumbling together.

My trio of boys - when you add Bleu the dachshund - make an awesome group with their silky fur and beautiful markings. I'm incredibly lucky to have such a good looking family.

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